September 26, 2012

Blog Tour: Flock (Stork #3) by Wendy Delsol – Guest Post with G1veaway

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Flock (Stork #3) by Wendy Delsol

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The climactic conclusion of a supernatural romantic trilogy starring a savvy, sharp-tongued heroine who taps into ancient Norse secrets.

After surviving her (shall we say) intense adventure in Iceland, Katla is psyched to be back for a blissfully uneventful senior year of homecoming and fashion explorations. But her hopes of dodging unfinished business are dashed by the arrival of two Icelandic exchange students: Marik, an oddly alluring merman-in-disguise, and Jinky, a tough gypsy girl. It seems Katla not only enraged the Snow Queen by rescuing her boyfriend, Jack, she also was tricked into promising her frail baby sister to the water queen — and Marik has come to collect. What’s worse, Katla doesn’t dare confide in anyone lest she endanger them, so even her soul mate, Jack, is growing suspicious. And now Katla’s stork dreams, her guide for matching babies with mothers, have become strange and menacing as well. Hold on for a thrilling finale as the heroine of Stork and Frost calls on her wits (and her wit) to protect those she loves and face a final mythic disaster.

Flock (Stork #3) by Wendy Delsol
Publication Date:  September 25, 2012
Publisher:  Candlewick Press

About that “What would you do differently?” question…

by Wendy Delsol

Writing a trilogy is an endurance sport. With the finish line comes an immense sense of relief. And the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.

Stork was my debut novel, never mind my first foray into series writing. I’m asked occasionally if there is anything I would do differently. For the most part, the answer is no, except there is this one thing …

Stork is told from the first-person POV of Katla LeBlanc. She’s sixteen, a junior, and new to Norse Falls, Minnesota (don’t bother looking for it on a map; it isn’t there). At school, Katla befriends Penny, who ropes Katla into writing a fashion column for the school paper. While selling the idea, Penny says, “All of the staff are twelfth-graders. We’ll be the only two juniors. Cool, huh?”

Not cool. Not cool at all. Because among the staff is Katla’s love interest, Jack. As well as their friend Tina. And Pedro.

Stork has a roughly eight-week time frame: September-October of Katla’s junior year. Frost (book two) picks up in December of that same year and goes through the following June (about seven months).

So when I went to pick up the action for Flock (the third and final book), I looked around the halls of Norse Falls High and discovered—well, crap—a good number of my characters had graduated. Including Jack (aka love interest!).

Had I thought it through (as in done more advance plotting), I do think I would have made Katla and Jack in the same graduating class. It would have allowed Jack to be in more of the school scenes during Katla’s senior year. On the other hand, I do advocate writing in a separation or time apart in order to intensify the love story.

To all the Jack fans out there, I was aware of your more-Jack-please comments. I did my best to accommodate. And while I (obviously) think Jack’s a really cool guy, Katla was the story’s heroin. She needed foremost to be strong and self-reliant. No depending on Jack. Nuh-uh.That much I wouldn’t change.

 About the Author:

Wendy Delsol is the author of a young adult trilogy: STORK (2010), FROST (2011), and FLOCK (2012). The books are inspired by Norse mythology, adventure and Icelandic folklore. STORK was one of 25 titles out of over 1000 to receive a 2010 VOYA Perfect Ten and one of ten to win a 2011 Westchester Fiction Award. Delsol’s adult novel, THE McCLOUD HOME FOR WAYWARD GIRLS, was named an August 2011 Barnes and Noble Pick of the Week. The book is set in Iowa and tells the story of three generations of women and the secrets that bind them. Wendy has an undergraduate degree from Michigan State University and a graduate degree from California State University, Long Beach. She was born in Canada, grew up in Michigan, lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and now resides in Des Moines with her husband and two teen sons.

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  6. Lisa Vazquezanzua

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