March 14, 2016

Blog Tour: Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson – Guest Post and Giveaway



Hello readers!  We kick off the blog tour for

Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson

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We are excited to have Colleen back on the blog where she’ll discuss the POVs in Finding Hope.

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Why did you decide to use alternating points of view?

I’d written the first drafts of the book from just Hope’s perspective, but I really like books that flip between characters. Two of my other books have also been written this way. I enjoy the challenge of writing from the perspective of characters different from me. As sad as Eric’s life is, he was an enjoyable character to write. I really had to think about what other bad choices he could make while high, but still keep the reader sympathetic to his situation. I think writing the chapters from his perspective helped keep the reader on his side.

As for Hope, I wanted to write chapters from her perspective to get inside the head of someone who is so desperate that she makes a terrible decision with drastic ramifications. She’s a thoughtful girl with a messed up family who uses her poetry to express her emotions. Writing the story through her eyes gives the reader a view of the world as she sees it.

Finding Hope went through many, many drafts. At one point, I cut 40,000 words and basically had to start over. Eric, Hope’s brother, was created during this phase. I had a vision of him jumping around, high on crystal meth as he waited for his sister to answer the door. Eric came as a fully-formed character without any of the bumps that I normally experience when I write. Everything about him came together easily. The reasons he got into drugs, the life he left behind and what lay ahead of him.

I wanted to explore the idea that you can love someone, even though you know they are doing bad things to themselves and their family. Eric is powerless to make good choices; the drugs have taken over his life. He’s become a shell of the person he once was. However, Finding Hope is also about redemption and that everyone can find an inner strength to overcome their demons. Writing the story from the perspective of both main characters, gave me the freedom to explore their motivations and struggles using their own voice.


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  1. Mai T.

    Because the excerpt is intriguing and the cover is impressive.

  2. Amy O

    This sounds like such a great book! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  3. brian lane

    Why? I liver thru something similar with a past . Her choice was alcohol.

  4. Mary Preston

    I’d like to know more about Hope.

  5. Gabriele goldstone

    I’ve very much enjoyed Colleen Nelson’s other books,
    and have been looking forward to this new one.

  6. Edye

    I’ve never read one of Colleen’s books before :)

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