December 8, 2013

Blog Tour: Eternal Echoes by Angela Corbett – Excerpt and Giveaway


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Eternal Echoes by Angela Corbett

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She thought she stopped the evil.

She thought she was safe.

Everything she thought was wrong.

Almost four months have passed since Evie Starling learned she was a Tracker and helped defeat a Daevos Clan that was taking others like her—but that wasn’t the end of the abductions. As an unknown evil emerges, Evie vows to help solve the mystery of the missing Trackers, regardless of the risk. 

With new powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control, she turns to Alex and Emil, her two soul mates, for help. But her feelings for them both are tearing her apart. She knows she has to decide between them; however, her memories are only making that choice more difficult. 

As the world around her is thrown into chaos, Evie is confronted with what could be a destiny-altering truth. Will she accept her history, her memories, and her role in this life, or choose to ignore the echoes of her past?

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Eternal Echoes (Emblem of Eternity #2)
by Angela Corbett
Publication Date:  November 19, 2013
Publisher:  Midnight Sands Publishing


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Emil lifted his hands to the back of my head. I felt gentle tugs as he deftly removed the pins from my hair. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tilting my head to the side. Our lips met in a sweet kiss, though months of pent up pressure quickly turned the kiss from soft to aggressive. My soulmark was on fire. I’d been waiting for this for far too long. Emil’s grip on my neck tightened as I pressed my hands into his hair. I couldn’t breathe, but no longer cared. I was kissing Emil for the first time in months, and it was amazing.

He moved his arms around my stomach, hugging me to him and lifting me off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Emil used the side of the house for leverage, holding me there as we continued to kiss. One hand went back to my chest, tracing the area around my necklace, and following it down to the neckline of my dress. His fingers brushed the line over my cleavage as I sighed. I let my hands explore the muscles of his back, my fingers clawing at his shirt, pulling the fabric tight across his chest. I tugged a little too hard and heard a rip as some of his shirt buttons clattered to the ground, revealing his hard, smooth chest and abs. I licked my lips, and decided we were going to need somewhere more private than the front porch. The last thing I wanted was to be caught by a nosy neighbor. I was about to suggest we go inside and find something more comfortable than lumber to be braced against when I heard the squeaking hinges of the front door.

The door swung open revealing Alex, a dark silhouette against the light pouring out of the house. His lips were pursed in a fine line, muscles tight, hands clenched at his side. Emil and I both froze. We’d been caught with our hands in much more interesting places than a cookie jar. Emil loosened his grip. With blood rushing to my cheeks, I quickly untangled my legs from Emil’s torso. I stood, grimacing as Emil’s button casualties cracked loudly under my heels. Alex’s jaw tightened at the sound. I smoothed my hair, though I doubted it helped. It probably looked like I’d been plastered against a wall during a tornado—a tornado named Emil. I glanced down at my dress making sure everything was where it should be. I couldn’t check my rear, but aside from the wrinkles, my front showed little signs of scandal.

Alex took in my dress, stopping at the necklace on my chest and holding there. A muscle ticked under his eye. When he got to my hair, his whole body tensed even more. It was a good thing he was immortal; his blood pressure looked like it was at dangerous levels. He shifted his gaze to Emil, whose clothes were in a much worse state than mine thanks to me trying to remove his shirt like a badger. The anger that flashed across Alex’s face was reflected in Emil’s as a silent conversation took place between them. Judging by their stony expressions, their unspoken words contained a lot of expletives. Finally, Alex moved his eyes back to meet mine. “Come inside. Now.”





Angela Corbett graduated from Westminster College with a double major in communication and sociology. She started working as a reporter for her local newspaper when she was sixteen and won awards for feature, news, and editorial writing. She has also done freelance writing. In addition to writing, she works as a director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and listening to U2. She lives in Utah with her extremely supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber’s.

Angela writes under two names. Young Adult and New Adult titles are written as Angela Corbett. Adult titles are written as Destiny Ford.


Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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