August 13, 2013

Blog Tour: Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike – Review & Giveaway

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Tavia Michaels is the sole survivor of the plane crash that killed her parents. When she starts to see strange visions of a boy she’s never spoken with in real life, she begins to suspect that there’s much about her past that she isn’t being told. 

Tavia immediately searches for answers, desperate to determine why she feels so drawn to a boy she hardly knows. But when Tavia discovers that the aunt and uncle who took her in after her parents’ death may have actually been responsible for the plane crash that killed them–and that she may have been the true intended victim–she flees for the safety of Camden, Maine, where the boy she sees in her visions instructs her to go.

Now, Tavia is on the run with no one to trust. No one, that is, except for her best friend and longtime crush, Benson.

Tavia feels torn between the boy who mysteriously comes to her at night and the boy who has been by her side every step of the way. But what Tavia doesn’t know is that the world is literally falling apart and that to save it she will have to unite with the boy in her visions. Only problem? To do so would mean rejecting Benson’s love. And that’s the one thing Tavia Michaels swore she’d never do.

add to goodreadsEarthbound (Earthbound #1) by Aprilynne Pike
Publication Date:  July 30, 2013
Publisher:  Razorbill

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Gabby NewThe cover of author Aprilynne Pike’s Earthbound had me totally judging the book by its cover. With such a beautiful cover, it looked like the type of novel that would be an awesome read until the very end. Luckily that is exactly what Earthbound is. It’s a fun, thrilling and romantic read that kept me guessing and kept my head spinning until the very last page. After reading Earthbound I cannot wait for the sequel and to find out what happens next for main character Tavia Michaels.

Earthbound is the story of Tavia Michaels who was the only survivor of a tragic plane crash that killed her parents and took the life she once had away from her. Now Tavia lives with an aunt and uncle she barley knows and has to adjust to the new life that takes place after the crash. Then out of nowhere Tavia starts to see a mysterious and attractive boy and she begins to question everything she knows about her new life. She also can’t help but wonder if the boy she sees is stalking her and has no idea why she feels like she knows him somehow.

This leads Tavia and her best friend (and crush) Benson to discover that her aunt and uncle may not be who they told her she was and how they may have been behind the crash that took the lives of her parents based on some incriminating evidence. Tavia and Benson find themselves being drawn closer together before they decide that for safety purposes their best bet is to go to the town of Camden, Maine.

 As Tavia and Benson fall deeper in love, Tavia finds herself growing closer to the boy from her visions– Quinn. Tavia is torn between her growing emotions she also discovers that not all is well and that she is part of a higher existence, one that leaves the fate of Earth in her hands. Tavia isn’t sure what to do because saving the Earth and herself means rejecting her newfound romance with Benson.

Reading Earthbound, I totally fell in love with the romance introduced in the novel and I fell hard for the relationship between Tavia and Benson. Honestly everything that Benson does is romantic, heartfelt and perfect. Any girl who says that she does not grow envious of Tavia because of Benson is a liar. Earthbound does end up in a love triangle-ish situation. Tavia and Benson are in love while at the same time Tavia is also growing attached to Quinn who she doesn’t really know but somehow still believes she’s in love with.

Earthbound has a very original idea that I think will pull a lot of readers in the way it did me. I was instantly caught up in the plot and mystery behind what happened to Tavia and what must come next for her. Honestly, I think a lot of readers will have come for the romance but will stay for the mystery. Earthbound introduces readers to characters who can make things appear out of thin air and a series of plot twists that will ring your heart and leave you dying for more by the time you finish the novel.

Earthbound is a read that I did not want to put down. Every chapter ended in a way that I knew I had to read on, just a little bit, to know what would happen next and if it would be a climatic point in the novel. It’s an addictive read that will keep you reading late into the night. And that ending—shocking and has left me begging for more. I need to know what happens next between Tavia, Quinn and Benson because something tells me things are about to get crazy.

I would recommend Earthbound to readers who are fans of the supernatural, readers who are looking for an amazing romance and to readers who are looking for a novel that will keep them on their toes until the very last page.



Aprilynne Pike has been spinning faerie stories since she was a child with a hyper-active imagination. At the age of twenty she received her BA in Creative Writing from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho. When not writing, Aprilynne can usually be found at the gym; she also enjoys singing, acting, reading, and working with pregnant moms as a childbirth educator and doula. Aprilynne currently lives with her husband and three kids in Utah, and dreams of warmer climates.

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