February 25, 2016

Blog Tour: Bryce by Natalie Decker – Interview and Giveaway



Hello readers!  Welcome to our Tour Stop for

Bryce (Scandalous Boys #1) by Natalie Decker

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We are so excited to have Natalie on the blog today sharing a few tidbits about writing and Bryce!

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Bryce Cover

Bryce Matthews doesn’t do the whole nice boyfriend thing. Chocolates and flowers—girls can forget all that. And he certainly doesn’t care about the gossip and rumors that follow him at school and around town. If anything, the talk amuses him. Bryce isn’t lacking in confidence. He knows himself and he knows his limits. One of those hard limits is Madison Issac. Bryce can never have her, and he’s perfectly fine with that. Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality anyway.

Madison Issac thought she was a pretty good judge of character. But she’s surprised at how gentle and comforting resident bad-boy and next-door neighbor Bryce Matthews is when we finds her crying in the park.

Maybe there’s more to Bryce than people think? So Madison begins to wonder.

Can a guy like Bryce ever change his ways?

Can a girl like Madison really be into a guy like Bryce?

With hearts and reputations on the line, this kind of love can be scandalous.

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Bryce (Scandalous Boys #1)
by Natalie Decker
Publication Date: February 22, 2016
Publisher: Swoon Romance




  1. Road to Publication

This journey starts back a long long time ago … (dinosaurs roamed the earth. Kidding) Back in 2001 I was given a lot of writing assignments in college. Some were fun, some were, well, yeah let’s not go there. Anyways, I really liked world building and creating scenes that captivated a person’s attention.


When I finally finished my MS, it was rejected everywhere and rightly so. It was terrible. I’m really embarrassed about it. But hey, it’s a learning experience. It didn’t discourage me if anything it fueled me to get better.


Back in 2013 I finished Rival Love and pitched it to Georgia McBride of Swoon Romance. She loved it and that’s how my publication journey came to be.



  1. If I Knew Then What I Know Now About Writing


Social media is a beast. Use it well. Also don’t sweat the small stuff. People are going to have opinions. Lots of them. They’ll love your characters. Hate them. And might only like them. Point is as long as you have people talking that’s all that matters. So don’t sweat the small stuff.



  1. Cover Love (Why you love the cover)

I LOVE how the name looks painted because Madison is a painter. I really like the guy too. He definitely fits my ideal Bryce.


  1. Why You’ll Love BRYCE

Bryce Matthews is witty, fun, fiercely loyal, and strong willed. I loved writing his character. His voice was so fun and compelling to me. And just when I thought I was getting him he flipped the tables on me. So yes, as the author he completely took me by surprise. His very protective over the things he loves and wants. He also isn’t afraid to step away.


What really got me sucked into their world though, was the friendship and the banter. I love Bryce and Graham’s bromance. I especially love the crazy sisterly bond between Emily and Madison. It reminds me of my own relationship with my best friend. She would go to the ends of the Earth for me. Even if she thought whatever I was doing was beyond stupid. She always had my back. And that’s how these friendships are. These characters had me laughing and crying while writing. I hope you love them just as much as I did writing them.



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  1. Judy Thomas

    I always fell for the boys with the bad rep in my school days :)

  2. Nikolina

    This book sounds like something I’d really enjoy reading, thank you for sharing!

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