July 14, 2016

Blog Tour: Baby Doll by Hollie Overton – Guest Post and Giveaway #BabyDollBook



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Recently, I found an old journal from seventh grade and one of my goals was to publish a novel before I was twenty-five. I admire my optimistic younger self, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I spent years pursuing an acting career and when that didn’t work out, writing for film and TV seemed to be a natural progression.

The trouble with wanting to write a book and actually doing it was that I loved books so much I couldn’t shake my fear that I’d never measure up (a fear I’m hoping to one day overcome). When I started writing BABY DOLL, I called it my “new project” instead of a novel to help take the pressure off. After I’d completed the first draft, I couldn’t believe I’d written 300 pages! I’ve never been prouder (and neither has my seventh grade self)!

My screenwriting background definitely shaped my novel-writing process. In a TV script, you have fifty to sixty pages to tell a story. That means you must always push things forward. There simply isn’t time to waste. While I was writing BABY DOLL, I wanted readers to keep turning the pages so I consciously thought about plot twists and turns. But my main focus was always on the characters. They are the foundation for every great story, whether it’s a book or a TV show. In fact, I discovered some of the plot twists that happen in BABY DOLL after I’d already written a draft. The whole time I was writing I kept thinking about who the characters were and what they wanted. Writing a novel is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But my TV background gave me a solid storytelling foundation. The rest was simply trial and error.


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Monday (July 11)

Hollie Overton stops by to introduce Baby Doll and share the personal experiences that inspired the book.


Tuesday (July 12)

Hollie Overton guest posts on to talk about being an identical twin herself, and who her favorite fictional twins are.


Wednesday (July 13) shares a Q&A with Hollie Overton, and divulges on her writing process, book #2, and what are her current reading recommendations.


Thursday (July 14)

Hollie Overton – a TV writer for shows such as Cold Case, The Client List, and Shadowhunters – stops by to talk about the difference between writing a novel and writing for the screen, and how her TV experience helped her draft a suspenseful and multi-perspective thriller.


Friday (July 15)

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  1. Carol M

    I’m a big fan of psychological thrillers and this sounds like a good one. I also love reading stories about twins. I have identical twin grandsons.

  2. Lisa Richards

    I love thrillers with twisty plots! Can’t wait!

  3. Marilyn

    This book looks exciting and would love to read it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Edye

    Because I love the cover!

  5. Sharon Vargas

    I want to read Baby Doll because I just love thrillers, and this one sounds so good! Plus, Hollie Overton is an amazing writer!

  6. Jeanna

    I am always looking for a good read and this one has me intrigued.

  7. Priscilla S.

    I want to read it because I love psychological thrillers.

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