May 25, 2012

Blog Tour: 30 Days Of Daemon – “Dear Daemon” Guest Post

Hey!  Thanks for stopping by for our Tour Stop for the
30 Days of Daemon Tour hosted by 
Entangled Publishing!
We are so excited, swooning, and in love to have the sexy beast himself,
Daemon stop by the blog!  
Our favourite alien has set up his own advice column…yeah, you heard me right,
Daemon Black giving advice.
But because you just couldn’t help asking him some-very personal-questions,
he’s very kindly answered those for you too!

[1]  Dear Daemon, I noticed a few weeks ago my yellow nail polish was getting pretty low, and I sooooo hadn’t used it myself. And then I spotted the colour. On my BF’s toes. It sooo doesn’t suit him. How do I let him know without hurting his feelings?

Dear Nail Problems,
WTF.  I think the bigger question is why is he wearing your yellow nail polish?
Such an odd color.
Yours truly,

[2]  Dear Daemon, my boyfriend said my jeans made my butt look big. what do you think?

Dear 0_0,
Do they make your butt look big?
Yours truly,

[3]  Dear Daemon, I have a friend who kinda likes this guy but he’s giving off mixed signals. It seems like he can’t stay away from her one minute, then keeps her at arms length the next. What should she do?

Dear Sneaky Person You,
Hmm. This all sounds vaguely familiar. There might be a reason to why he’s giving off mix signals. Like, he may be an alien hiding in the human world and doesn’t want her in danger.
If that’s the case, she should probably avoid speeding trucks and late night library visits.
Yours truly,

[4]  Dear Daemon, what would you do if you found out that the person you were in love with was an alien or something like that?

Dear What would you do?
Well, things would be great for me. Not sure about you guys.
Yours truly,

[5]  Dear Daemon, I am having a wardrobe dilemma. I’m going on a date with a hot and slightly arrogant boy this weekend. Being a hot and slightly arrogant boy yourself, what do you suggest I wear? Any tips are much appreciated.

Dear Fashion Dilemma,
Being that I’m a guy, I won’t be paying attention to your clothes.
Wear what you feel good in and the guy will be blown away.
Yours truly,
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  1. TayteH

    Aw. What great advice

  2. Nicola

    Hehehe love this post! Daemon is too cool!

  3. Rachel Morgan

    Haha, I love it!

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