May 24, 2019

Tour Schedule: Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh by Malayna Evans

We are thrilled to announce the tour schedule for

Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh
by Malayna Evans

presented by Month9Books!

This tour will run from May 27-June 6, 2019,

May 27, 2019-Cuzinlogic-Excerpt

May 28, 2019-Maiden of the Pages-Guest Post

May 29, 2019-Chapters through life-Guest Post

May 30, 2019-BookHounds YA-Guest Post

June 3, 2019-Rockin’ Book Reviews-Excerpt

June 4, 2019-Chapter by Chapter-Interview

June 5, 2019-Lucy Turns Pages-Guest Post

June 6, 2019-Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers-Excerpt

Jagger Jones is a whiz kid from Chicago’s South Side. Ask him anything about Ancient Egypt, and Jagger can fill hours describing all that he knows. But when he and his precocious little sister Aria fall more than three thousand years back in time to the court of Amarna, Egypt, Jagger discovers a truth that rocks his world: books don’t teach you everything there is to know.

Mummies, pyramids, and cool hieroglyphics make awesome movie props, but the ancient court of Amarna is full of over-sized scorpions, magical amulets, and evil deities determined to scare unwanted visitors away. If Jagger and Aria are to return safely home, they must find nine soul-infested gemstones, defeat an evil general, save the royal family, and figure out how to rescue themselves!
Armed only with Jagger’s knowledge of history and a few modern objects mined from his pockets and Aria’s sparkly purse, the siblings have exactly one week to solve supernatural riddles and rescue the royal family. If they can pull it off, Jagger Jones just might return to Chicago a hero.

Jagger Jones and the Mummy’s Ankh
by Malayna Evans
Publication Date: May 28, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

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