October 20, 2015

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Halloween is on the horizon, and for many of us that means binge-reading all the scary stories that we can get our hands on and indulging in our favorite candy and chocolates. Fun Size does not count! To help you get in the spirit YA horror and thriller authors Rin Chupeco, Natalie Richards, Patty Blount, and Allan Stratton share what type of Halloween candy their book would be.


If Your Book Was Candy


Rin Chupeco (The Suffering)

Probably Warheads sour candy. You’re not supposed to like it because at times it feels like it’s going to be too sour for your tastes – but then the moment passes, and once you’ve finished it you wouldn’t mind having another one. It’s a lot like Okiku – you’re not supposed to like her, either.


Natalie Richards (My Secret to Tell)

I think My Secret to Tell would be an Atomic Fireball, because the farther you get in, the book becomes hotter and more difficult to handle.

In My Secret to Tell, Deacon is accused of brutally attacking his own father, and seemingly adding to the doesn’t-look-good side of the scale, he shows up in Emmie’s room with blood on his hands.  But as guilty as he looks in many ways, Emmie knows Deacon has a very serious blood phobia, and she also knows that despite his sometimes reckless nature, he’s never, ever been violent.

Emmie’s pretty confident that the real villain will be found quickly, but we all know that doesn’t work out so well for her.  When the answers don’t turn up fast, things get very sticky for Emmie.  Is she helping Deacon because he’s innocent?  Or is she only convinced he’s innocent because she cares about him so much.  She’s stuck in the middle of a pretty tense, hot back and forth mess, which is why I’d go with Atomic Fireball.  J


Nothing Left to Burn


Patty Blount (Nothing Left to Burn)

Haha Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. The main character in my book is named Reece.


The Dogs


Allan Stratton (The Dogs)

If my book is a Halloween candy, I don’t know what it is. Not right away. Because somehow I’m locked in a basement room. It’s pitch-black. No windows or lights.

The voice told me I’d find something sweet buried inside an old box. “Trick or treat. Eat your treat. It’s your only way out.” That’s the last thing I remember happening before I woke up here.

Or am I awake? Is this real? Is it a dream?

I crawl across the damp concrete, waving a hand in front of me. I touch something wooden. Is this the box?

Don’t open it.

I have to. I lift the lid. The air inside smells of death.

Is this a coffin? Leave. Now.

I can’t. This is the only way out of here. I reach down, searching for the sweetness, the candy buried in the box. My fingers break through a thin cloth into some sort of jelly. Jell-O? No. It’s moving.

Worms. I’m digging through worms.

I touch something that feels like a peeled grape, only larger. Is this my treat? I lift it out of the box. It has wet strings at the end of it.

It’s an eye.

No. It’s my treat. I raise my hand to my nose. Juice drips onto my lips. It’s sickly sweet. I put the candy into my mouth. It feels like soft flesh, but it tastes of something else.

What is it? Trick or treat?

I sink my teeth into it and—




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  1. Maida

    The Shining! :D

  2. Wendy

    Such an interesting arrange of awesome books!!!

  3. stacie


  4. Susan T.

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. I just listened to the audio version read by Tom Mison and it was so good!

  5. Ayanami Faerudo

    It’s not a book but a movie – The Ring.

  6. Nikolina

    Bag of Bones by S. King! :)

  7. Wanda Bergman

    The Hunger Games would be my favourite.

  8. Katherine Riley

    Carrie by Stephen King

  9. bill norris

    William Hjortsberg’s Angel Heart

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