September 29, 2011

Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce

A tale of two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie March.  One, a  strong and fierce hunter, on a mission to avenge their grandmother’s death and protect her sister from the Fenris who live to kill and devour.  The other, a loyal and devoted sister, in search of a life outside of hunting Fenris, and on a mission of self discovery.  Will their relationship survive the strains of death, the knowledge of truth, and the complexities of love.

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I adored this book.  Little Red Ridinghood – the remix!  Helloooooo!  I enjoyed the way Jackon Pearce went from the point of view of one sister, and then in the next chapter, told the story from the point of view of the other sister.  It was always interesting to hear the thoughts and views of the other sibling in the next chapter.

I did find the story a little predictable, but that did not stop me from thoroughly enjoying this story.  Jackson wove a convincing story of sisterly love.  You could sympathize with Rosie as she struggled with her desire to live a normal life, and the guilt she feels for wanting that life, knowing what sacrifices Scareltt made for her.

Pearce did a great job of describing, in vivid detail, the encounters and fight scenes with the Fenris.  It felt as though you were in the mind of the character, seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, strategizing right along side them.

The ending was done beautifully.  The back and forth lines of what each sister was doing was fantastic.  I could picture the movie in my mind . . . the split screen, showing the actions of what each sister was doing at that precise moment.  I ended the book with a smile . . . and interestingly enough, missing my sister!
I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys fairytale re-tellings with a twist.

“Cut! Scene! Smile!”

When I first began reading the Sisters Red, I thought that the beginning was very exciting, i’ts exectuted with action only to finish with sorrow. I can’t deny that at first I found that Jackson Pearce’s novel was something that I wouldn’t forget. I had assumed that at first it would just simply be Little Red Riding Hood but with two girls, instead it was a dark fairytale that I wouldn’t forget.

I love, love, loved how Pierce made Scarlett so fiesty and dangerous. Especially with her injuries that only made this certain character better, on the other hand I did enjoy how she made Rosie. Though I thought that Rosie, being a little sister and all, should have been more supportive of her older sister’s need to avenge their grandmother’s murder. Of course this twist in my emotions only makes me notice how well written this piece is. I also didn’t mind the character Silas, I found him very…uhm… intiguing, for lack of a better word ;).

I also loved how, for once, somebody put a kind of twist on werewolves or Fenris which is what they are called in Sisters Red. I found that there was a new twist on them, including how a new werewolf is formed and brought into a pack. The Fenris sounded enticing, dark, and seductive. Something I couldn’t help but find eyecatching.

The only problem I had with this novel was how (at least I thought of it this way) obvious some parts were. I didn’t think that there were many shocking twists, especially the ending which I totally saw coming, of course that may just be me since I am always good at predicting twists before they occur. That was one of my few problems with the novel, I also found that it wasn’t all that realistic much. Sadly it isn’t one of my favorite novels.

But either way I did enjoy this novel, not as much as I hoped I could have but still enjoyed it none the less.

I would reccomend this to anybody who wants a dark fairytale remake with two sisters, who both see things in different perspectives.

Check it out, check it out.

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