February 18, 2016

Review: The City of the Lost (Casey Duncan #1) by Kelley Armstrong




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Gabby-2013I’ve been a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong’s for years now, and I was so excited to get to read City of the Lost. The premise was intriguing. A cop with a dark past who relocates to a town made for people who have disappeared where things are clearly not all that they seem? And for that story being written by one of my fave authors? Sign me right up!

City of the Lost tells the story of Casey Duncan, a detective with a gritty past: after being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Casey shot and killed him and got away with the murder. The murder is Casey’s deepest, darkest secret. It’s one that she’s shared only with her best friend, Diana, who is attempting to escape an abusive ex. When Diana’s ex reappears in Diana’s life, she and Casey seek out Rockton— a town that specializes in helping people just like them escape.

              Upon arriving in Rockton, Casey is placed on the local law enforcement team. Though Rockton has been able to handle drunken bar fights, a budding drug problem, and sex work, a recent string of murders are unlike anything that the town has seen before. But in a town filled with would-be-convicts and criminals, it’s hard to say whether or not these recent killings are a result of the town’s inhabitants or something far more sinister at work.

              I won’t lie, City of the Lost had me on the edge of my seat. If there’s one thing about this novel that is absolutely stellar it’s the thrilling atmosphere. There’s something incredibly creepy about the novel’s setting that will leave readers anxious and eager to find out what is going on. I mean come on, a town in the middle of the Yukon’s wilderness, populated with a bunch of people who aren’t exactly upstanding citizens, and a killer somewhere in the mix? That’s a recipe for a thrilling read.

              The mystery presented in City of the Lost is one that I was quickly caught up in. It felt like every single chapter, the plot thickened, and a new twist was revealed. I was constantly left reeling and speechless as Armstrong threw a new curveball my way. Throughout the novel, my speculations and guesses as to who the killer would be were constantly shifting. If you’re a reader who loves thrillers and mysteries that are unpredictable and offer the unexpected, then City of the Lost is for you.

              I loved Casey. I adore strong female characters who put themselves and the people they care for most first, and Casey does just that. She’s a badass detective who is comfortable in her own skin, intelligent, and sexy. Readers who are looking for a protagonist who takes nothing from nobody and who plays by their own rules are bound to fall in love with Casey Duncan. She’s a character whose narrative was enticing and exciting, and I loved being in her headspace.

              I would recommend City of the Lost to readers who are looking for a mystery/thriller that will keep them on their toes. Any readers who are longtime fans of Kelley Armstrong should also give City of the Lost a read. Readers who are looking for a murder mystery that can get a little bit disturbing should also give it a try.


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  1. Elena

    Wow! I totally loved her Otherworld series and Casey sounds amazing! Definitely adding this to my TBR.

    Great review!

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