April 18, 2016

Review: Still Mine by Amy Stuart




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GabbyNewInitially, it was the title of author Amy Stuart’s Still Mine that caught my interest. Add in the mysterious cover, and I knew that I was in for a novel that was oozing with thrills and chills. This is a novel whose premise absolutely drew me in and had me beyond excited to get reading. A woman trying to escape a violent past while trying to search for another woman who is similar to her in more ways than one? It sounded like the makings of an awesome story! And, luckily enough, Still Mine was the kind of book that I couldn’t put down.

              Having finally managed to leave and escape from her abusive husband, Clare ends up on the run. Working with a mysterious man whose job is to find people that the world has deemed lost, Clare finds herself in the small town of Blackmore. Shayna Fowles, one of the locals, has been missing for days and the town’s citizens have begun pointing fingers as to who might have wanted Shayna gone for good. Clare sets her sights on the people closest to Shayna in a desperate attempt to become accepted as one of their own and get closer to finding out Shayna’s whereabouts. As Clare delves deep into Blackmore’s dark secrets, she will have to face the lies crafted by the people around her, and the ones she has been telling herself in order to hide the truth.

              I think that Still Mine tackled themes like drug addiction, PTSD, and domestic abuse masterfully. There was no victim blaming or biased presentation to the themes. Stuart manages to weave a story where you don’t pity the characters for the tragedies that they have experienced, but instead understand that these things are simply a part of who they are.

              Most of the characters in Still Mine are unforgettable. From Clare’s abusive husband—Jason– to Charlie, to characters like Louise and Malcom, the majority of the novel’s cast are immensely well-written. There were certain characters who terrified me, and others who made me feel intense swells of emotion. But, there were also some characters who felt contrived and made up a small percentage of the novel’s cast who weren’t as fleshed out and, as such, felt unmotivated and unrealistic.

              Still Mine was a novel that, upon going into the novel, I hadn’t thought I would like. I thought that the novel would be one that I would flip through and find myself disappointed with. It’s very difficult (for me, at least) to become invested in novels that deal with disappearances, as most authors suffer from poor execution. Amy Stuart is not one of these authors. Still Mine is a novel that had me on the edge of my seat and caught up in the novel’s intricacies. I needed to know what would happen to Clare and the people around her, I needed to find out what secrets Blackmore was hiding, I needed to know what had happened to Shayna Fowles—the town’s golden girl. Still Mine is the definition of a compelling read.

              I would recommend Still Mine to readers who are fans of mysteries and thrillers. Readers who are looking for a novel that will hold their interest until the very end should also give it a read. Any readers who want a novel that deals with hard-hitting themes and has beautiful prose should also give Still Mine a shot.


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