January 29, 2016

Review: See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) by Ally Carter




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Gabby-2013The first installment in Ally Carter’s Embassy Row series—All Fall Down—was a page-turning novel that was oozing suspense. Getting to read See How They Run was an exciting opportunity that I can’t imagine any readers who picked up All Fall Down would pass up. Picking up right where All Fall Down left off, See How They Run takes everything that you know about Embassy Row to a whole other level. The stakes are raised, the plot twists have grown, and Grace is brought closer and closer to the truth.

              After discovering that the scarred man isn’t the menace she originally thought him to be and after learning that she was the true cause of her mother’s death, Grace Blakely’s life is nothing like what she once believed it to be. When Grace is inducted into an all-girls secret society that has ruled Embassy Row from the shadows, things couldn’t get any more mindboggling. Just as she begins to ask new questions regarding who her mother truly was and what her life is supposed to be, Grace’s brother makes a reappearance in town, bringing a hunky new friend along with him. However, one misunderstanding is all it takes for a death to occur within Embassy Row’s walls—a death that screams murder. With all eyes turning to a close friend of Grace’s who has been accused of committing the supposed murder, Grace begins to seek out the truth, no matter how dangerous it may be.

              What I enjoyed most about See How They Run was how easy it was to continue flipping the pages. There was something about See How They Run that had me eager to get from page to page in order to find out what was going to happen next. Everything about See How They Run is constant action, resulting in plot twists appearing at every corner and chapters that end on cliffhangers. Readers who are fans of suspense and who are eager to get their hands on a novel that delivers in the ‘give me something that I can’t put down’ department, See How They Run is for you.

              One of my biggest wants from All Fall Down was to get to learn more about Embassy Row and the fictional country of Adria. See How They Run immerses readers in further backstory into Embassy Row’s conception as well as Adria’s history. As a fan of novels that contain whole worlds created by the author, I loved getting to learn more about Adria (as well as getting to find out how Adria’s past ties into the country’s future).

              The cast of characters in See How They Run are fantastic. There’s definitely a character in this series for everyone. I’m certain that for readers who want a novel that offers them a story with a diverse cast of characters both in terms of race and personality, Embassy Row is the kind of series for them. I love all of the characters in Embassy Row to bits, no matter how cliché some of them can be.

              I think that the only problem that I had with See How They Run had to do solely with dialogue. There were instances where the dialogue between certain teen characters felt forced in an attempt to make the characters sound younger. In that regard, it just made them come off as campy and unrealistic, but c’est la vie.

              I would recommend the Embassy Row novels to readers who are looking for a series that will offer them suspense and thrills. Readers who are looking for a series that contains mystery on every page should also give Embassy Row a try. Anyone who want a novel that is equal parts intriguing and exciting should also give it a read.


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    Great review! I will definitely be adding it to my list.

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