July 28, 2012

Review of Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) by Andrea Cremer


When Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemies, she’s certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer, one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack and the man she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.

Wolfsbane (Nightshade #2) by Andrea Cremer

Publish Date: July 26, 2011

Publisher: Philomel

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Considering the fact that I adored the first novel in author Andrea Cremer’s werewolf series and the note that Nightshade left us on, I’ve been dying to finally get the opportunity to read Wolfsbane.  Everything about the series is loved by me: The strong kick ass main character, the love triangle, the action, the supernatural!  It’s all a great combination that captivates readers and when I began reading Wolfsbane I fell in love with the story all over again.  As you know (and I am assuming that you’ve read the previous novel, if not what the heck are you doing? Go read the first book since this review has potential spoilers for those who haven’t read Nightshade) Calla Tor and her newly turned romantic interest Shay have been taken by the Searchers.

Exciting? You know it.

Wolfsbane itself focuses on Calla’s adjustment to a world outside the one she grew up knowing, ruled by Keepers who rule the Guardians.  The novel contains truths that Calla never knew existed, twists and turns, and the fact that her romance with Shay is beginning to struggle when Ren appears in her thoughts at the most inconvenient times.  However, we do learn that the Searchers aren’t as bad as we believed from what we were told in Nightshade, the Searchers were actually pretty awesome-sauce in my opinion because they could fight and do things that the Keepers never will be able to.  Not to mention that now that Shay is adjusting to his life as the Scion and a wolf, he learns that he plays a major role in the future.

From what I saw in Wolfsbane, Calla definitely grows as a character and finally gets to make some choices for herself.  There are no more Keepers to control her and no more pack for her to rule alongside Ren.  However, as time goes on Calla does begin to miss her pack and clearly states that she wishes to save them from whatever it is the Keepers are doing to them.  I did, however, find Shay to be a bit more of an annoying character in this novel.  He was more hormonal, more angsty, and at times he tried to be too controlling and alpha-ish which just managed to irritate me.  Which sucks, because in Nightshade I was totally in love with him instead of Ren.

This novel did hold more twists than the novel before it and it had different characters and a different setting.  Andrea Cremer is one of the few authors who can write a sequel to a great novel and give readers an even better novel which I praise and appreciate.  That being said, am I dying to read Bloodrose?  Of course not!  Just kidding!  Just kidding!  Of course I’m dying to read Bloodrose!  The way that Wolfsbane ends had me moaning about how badly I want to read the third novel.

I would recommend Wolfsbane to fans of Andrea Cremer’s previous novel Nightshade, fans of werewolf lore and readers who want to read  a supernatural story that is free of clichés.

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  1. Maria @ Fantasy's Ink

    I really enjoyed Nightshade, still need to read Wolfsbane though. I’m glad to hear that the sequel is even better than the first. A good thing about this series is that I don’t have to wait for the next book to be released.

  2. I have heard so many mixed things about this one O_o It really leaves me torn. I seriously enjoyed Nightshade and have to take the dive into this one and see how it goes for me :) Great review!

  3. kimbacaffeinate

    This is a series i need to start, i like the elements of the plot you described. Great review and thanks for introducing ,me to a new series !

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