August 14, 2012

Review of Thief’s Covenant (Widdershins Adventures #1) by Ari Marmell


Once she was Adrienne Satti. An orphan of Davillon, she had somehow escaped destitution and climbed to the ranks of the city’s aristocracy in a rags-to-riches story straight from an ancient fairy tale. Until one horrid night, when a conspiracy of forces—human and other—stole it all away in a flurry of blood and murder.

Today she is Widdershins, a thief making her way through Davillon’s underbelly with a sharp blade, a sharper wit, and the mystical aid of Olgun, a foreign god with no other worshippers but Widdershins herself. It’s not a great life, certainly nothing compared to the one she once had, but it’s hers.

But now, in the midst of Davillon’s political turmoil, an array of hands are once again rising up against her, prepared to tear down all that she’s built. The City Guard wants her in prison. Members of her own Guild want her dead. And something horrid, something dark, something ancient is reaching out for her, a past that refuses to let her go. Widdershins and Olgun are going to find answers, and justice, for what happened to her—but only if those who almost destroyed her in those years gone by don’t finish the job first.

Thief’s Covenant (Widdershins Adventures #1) by Ari Marmell
Publish Date: February 21, 2012
Publisher: PYR

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Honestly, I have not read anything like Ari Marmell’s, Thief’s Covenant.  I mean, come on!  A deity who lives and speaks in the mind of thief?  Pretty cool, right!  And the opening scene…!  Wowzah…

The story follows commoner turned thief turned aristocrat turned to “most wanted”, Adrienne Satti, aka Madeleine Valois aka Widdershins.  Due to an unfortunate fire, Adrienne Satti finds herself placed in an orphanage where things just didn’t work out.  So off she goes, to live a life on the streets, and eventually learned the ins and outs of thievery.  And it’s during one of her acts of thievery, that Adrienne/Widdershins chances upon Alexandre Delacroix who changes her life forver.

I will admit, when I first started reading Thief’s Covenant, I was so confused.  Who was Adrienne talking to in the rafters?  Who is this other woman that we are following now?  Why is this person she’s whispering to not even answering her back?  But after a few chapters, I got into the groove of things, and fell in love with this story.

I became completely addicted to author Ari Marmell’s writing.  The way in which he flipped between past and present, weaving the tale, and filling in the gaps through time causing the story to come full circle was done absolutely seamless!  Allowing the reader to fully understand the life of Adrienne Satti, by following her from the day she loses her family to her current situation, made the character seem more real and made it all the more interesting.   And don’t even get me started on his descriptions.  They were straight out of a horror movie!  I was able to easily picture the carnage that occurs in Thief’s Covenant, right down to the sound and smells.  Incredibly written.

There was no need to question how something happened?   In the end, all is answered.  And boy, were they ever!  Thief’s Covenant is chock full of plot twists and turns, and multiple gasp worthy moments.  There were things that I honestly did not even think would even happen.  There were many “omg, are you serious?” moments during this read, for me.

I absolutely loved the way in which Mr. Marmell incorporated the used of the different gods that people/homes prayed to.  It brought a whole new twist to this already addicting read that I there was no way I could tear my eyes away from the pages.   The hilarious one-sided “conversations” that Adrienne has with Olgun, the god that is in her mind were one’s that I always looked forward to.  I loved that Olgun didn’t exactly communicate with words, but rather with emotions in which Adrienne some how knew what was being said.  It was so fun to see that Olgun had a sense of humor and wasn’t a god who was all self-righteous and proper.

I also enjoyed the other various characters that we are introduced to in the book such as Adrienne/Widdershins’ best friend, Genevieve who, despite her own handicap, is a strong and self-sufficient woman.  And the various male friends that Adrienne has all made me smile with their quick humor, sweetness, and cocky attitude.

There wasn’t much in the book that I didn’t enjoy and am very much looking forward to starting the next installment, False Covenant.  I recommend this book to fans of fantasy, rags to riches type stories, and strong female leads.

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