January 6, 2012

Review of The Taming by Teresa Toten & Eric Walters

Katie likes to believe she’s invisible. It seems much safer than being exposed as she is–shy, poor, awkward. So getting up on stage in the school production of The Taming of the Shrew should be complete torture. But as Katie tells it, something totally unexpected happened when she stepped on stage: “My head exploded. I loved it. Acting hit me like a sucker punch and I loved, loved, loved it! . . . Invisible Katie became visible Katharina.”
Evan Cooper is, as they say, another story. He knows just what it takes to get noticed, and he uses every one of the skills he’s honed after years of being the new kid. Like tossing the keys to his father’s high-end Audi to a kid he’s never met, first day of school. “I have insurance for car theft,” he explains to a shocked Danny. “And there’s a full tank.” An abuse of the power that comes with privilege and money? Sure.

But more dangerously, is his romance with Katie another version of the same thing? Or is it the real thing?

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** This book was provided to us by the publisher for an honest review.
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This book was great on so many levels. There was humour, innocence, deceit, betrayal, strength… Everything that a good book should have! I was totally cracking up throughout this book. Everything about it was just so cute! I was giggling at so many different points, and howling at other parts. For example, when they were talking about roosters and chickens in perspective to the play, The Taming Of The Shrew. As most of you know, my favorite point of view is first person point of view, especially when it jumps back and forth between chapters from one character to the next. The Taming was exactly that. The characters that were created were so believable and so loveable in their own ways.

I loved how Toten and Walters would subtly insert fragments of the secrets that Katie and Evan have. It was done in such a perfect way that it held my attention straight through to the end. They give just enough that I needed to continue reading in order to find our whatever secrets our main characters are hiding deep within.

There were various parts that I found myself smirking and smiling at the early interaction between Katie and Evan, whether it’s words that are being exchanged, or their own thoughts. Thinking back now, I can’t get over how much I chuckled at the dialogue in this book! Almost everything that came out Katie’s mouth, or thought, made me laugh. I mean, the date at the movies…I was literally laughing out loud! I could envision everything that was happening. It was almost like I was talking to my friends, the way the authors write. It was so enjoyable!

It kind of reminded me a little of the old short lived t.v. series (and yes, I’m totally dating myself right about now), My So-Called Life when Claire Dane’s character, Angela Chase and Jared Leto’s character, Jordan Catalano finally got together, and the narrative Katie has in her head as well as some of her mannerisms totally reminded me of Angela Chase. Maybe it’s just me who sees it…I totally miss that show!

And then, the happy times are replaced when a twist of all twists happens, and it completely came out of nowhere! I was seriously not expecting it. My jaw dropped, and I had to re-read a little further back to see if I missed anything, because seriously…I didn’t see it coming! My heart ached for poor Katie with everything she had to go through. I knew that there were deep, dark secrets, but I did not expect what happens.   What was a coming of age teen t.v series seriously changed into something reminescent of the movie Fear with Mark Wahlberg…kinda sorta.  I love, love, love the writing style in The Taming. Everything flowed so perfectly that the pages just flew right by.

Fantastic character development, and an unforeseen plot twist combined with an addictive storyline, this story made me want…no, NEED to keep on reading. I needed to know what was going to happen next, and how the characters would overcome.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mind warp, and wants to read a book that will leave an impact on you.



  1. Danielle Smiley

    Great review! I don't do many contemporary romances, but this sounds really interesting. It probably has something to do with doing theater all through high school myself.

    :) Danielle


  2. kimba88

    Great review..you have defiantly piqued my interest!


  3. Teresa Toten

    Well your review definitely made us smile! After stumbling around in dark steamy corners,in rewriting rewrites and arguing its all so worth it when reviewers and readers “get it” and you did! Writing The Taming was a brilliant process and we hope that a billion young women read it and more importantly, that they “get it” too!I'm attaching the Double trailer for The Taming–I think they nailed the mood and the menace!
    Thanks again!


  4. Teresa Toten

    Oooops! Here's the Taming Trailer:


  5. Chapter by Chapter

    @Teresa Toten

    Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, reading the review, and leaving the link for the book trailer. I've updated the video to this review. :)


  6. Mandy

    Such a great article which This book was great on so many levels. There was humour, innocence, deceit, betrayal, strength… Everything that a good book should have! It was totally cracking up throughout this book. Everything about it was just so cute! It was giggling at so many different points, and howling at other parts. Thanks for sharing this article.


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