September 22, 2012

Review of Pretty When She Dies (Pretty When She Dies #1) by Rhiannon Frater


Amaliya wakes under the forest floor, disoriented, famished and confused. She digs out of the shallow grave and realizes she is hungry…

… in a new, horrific, unimaginable way…

Sating her great hunger, she discovers that she is now a vampire, the bloodthirsty creature of legend. She has no choice but to flee from her old life and travels across Texas. Her new hunger spurs her to leave a wake of death and blood behind her as she struggles with her new nature.

All the while, her creator is watching. He is ancient, he is powerful, and what’s worse is that he’s a necromancer. He has the power to force the dead to do his bidding. Amaliya realizes she is but a pawn in a twisted game, and her only hope for survival is to seek out one of her own kind.

But if Amaliya finds another vampire, will it mean her salvation… or her death?

Pretty When She Dies (Pretty When She Dies #1)
by Rhiannon Frater
Publication Date:  November 28, 2008
Publisher:  Createspace

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** This title was provided to us by the author for an honest review.
We were in no way paid for our opinion ** 

Rhiannon Frater does it for me again!  So far this fantastic author has not let me down, and again she has left me crying out for more!  I, personally, had stepped away from the vampire world in search of the next best thing, but just when I thought I was out, she sucked me back in (a la Godfather style).  And the sexy times in the story were very oo la la.  There wasn’t a lot of it, but when it happened…OMG it was hot.  Loved everything about this book!

The opening sequence in the book instantly hooked me.  It’s pretty rare to find any vampire books where we are able to witness the birth of a newly turned vampire.  We get to see, firsthand, Amaliya, the kick ass vampire lead character, dig her way out of her grave in the forest.  Still unaware that she has been turned into one of the children of the night, Amaliya makes her way back to her college campus.

Shortly soon after, Amaliya discovers her true nature and we get to see our first bloodbath thanks to Amaliya and her creator, the evil Summoner.  Who is the Summoner?  An evil, twisted vampire with necromancer abilities who is feared by the vampire community.  With his tendency to play and mess around with the lives and wellbeing of his creations, Amaliya soon discovers that this evil psycho is a force to be reckoned with.

But don’t write her off just yet.  Not only is Amaliya a strong and powerful vampire, but she seems to have inherited something else from her creator that has made her more unique than she already is, although she is not yet quite sure what it is her power can do.  On a mission to get to her Grandmama and cousins home to say goodbye, Amaliya has one bad encounter after another drawing more attention to her from this new dark world she has been newly born too.

Amaliya decides to seek out more of her kind, in hope of finding someone who will help her learn how to deal with her new vampire ways, Amaliya meets the sexy and very unforgettable Cian, who she finds out to be the Master of Austin, and engaged to a human!  Not only does Amaliya need to survive her crazed creator, she must now figure out if she will survive the hands of Cian and his jealous fiancée, Samantha.

This world created by Rhiannon Frater is another one in which I was completely engrossed in.  There was no way that I could help but want to be totally lost in the lives of these characters she has created.  All unique in their own way.  I also couldn’t help but cheer on Amaliya in all the decision she made…including with Cian.  I wanted Samantha out of the picture, like ASAP, but the way in which Frater twisted the plot, Pretty When She Dies was done to perfection.

Don’t get me started on The Summoner.  What an unspeakable force he is!  With his ability to raise the dead, I really couldn’t see how Amaliya and her Scooby gang could get out of the predicaments they are placed in.  And how much did I love the various Buffy The Vampire Slayer references in this book!  Totally fitting and always brought out a smile.

An action packed read, with many gasp worthy moments and characters that have personalities of their very own, Pretty When She Dies is one story that vampire fans will completely devour.  A dark and sexy read that will leave you clamoring for the next installment.  Fans of True Blood and vampire reads will devour this one.

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About the Author:

Rhiannon Frater was born and raised a Texan. Though she has lived in various towns all over the state, she finally settled in Austin, Texas where she met her husband and worked as a governmental consultant.
During her travels for her job, she was inspired to write the story of two women fleeing into the Texas Hill Country in an attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. Originally published as a serial online under the title AS THE WORLD DIES, she later self-published the series in three novels to satisfy the many fans of the story. The first novel in the series, THE FIRST DAYS, won the 2008 Dead Letter Award for Best Book (Fiction). The second book, FIGHTING TO SURVIVE won the 2009 Dead Letter Award in the same category.

The AS THE WORLD DIES books were purchased by Tor in 2010.The first book, THE FIRST DAYS, was released in July 2011 and received a starred review from Publishers Weekly. The second, FIGHTING TO SURVIVE, was released on November 8, 2011. The third book, SIEGE, will be released in April 2012.

She is also the author of THE LIVING DEAD BOY AND THE ZOMBIE HUNTERS, PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES: A Vampire Novel and two novels in the Vampire Bride Series (THE TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE and THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE). All her works have been optioned for either TV or film.

Rhiannon continues to live in Austin, Texas with her husband and is now a full-time writer.
She is represented by Hannah Gordon of the Foundry Literary + Media agency.

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    I was totally planning to read these books during Fraterfest, but had to move my tour date up due to a conflicting schedule, soooo had to read them early. Awesome pick to read during that event though! I’m trying to figure out what to read for it now!

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