December 10, 2012

Review of Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill

Meant to be or not meant to be . . . that is the question.

It’s one thing to fall head over heels into a puddle of hazelnut coffee, and quite another to fall for the—gasp—wrong guy. Straight-A junior Julia may be accident prone, but she’s queen of following rules and being prepared. That’s why she keeps a pencil sharpener in her purse and a pocket Shakespeare in her, well, pocket. And that’s also why she’s chosen Mark Bixford, her childhood crush, as her MTB (“meant to be”).

But this spring break, Julia’s rules are about to get defenestrated (SAT word: to be thrown from a window) when she’s partnered with her personal nemesis, class-clown Jason, on a school trip to London. After one wild party, Julia starts receiving romantic texts . . . from an unknown number! Jason promises to help discover the identity of her mysterious new suitor if she agrees to break a few rules along the way. And thus begins a wild goose chase through London, leading Julia closer and closer to the biggest surprise of all: true love.

Because sometimes the things you least expect are the most meant to be.

Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill
Publication Date:  November 13, 2012
Publisher:  Delacorte Books for Young Readers

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Little known fact about me.  I love teen movies!  LOVE THEM!  Even though I’m no longer in in that age bracket, there’s something about teen movies that calls to me.  It’s because of my love for teen movies that I absolutely fell in love with Lauren Morrill’s, Meant To Be.  It was a teen movie come to life in my mind.  It made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings, and left a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart that most teen movies do.

Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill reminded of movies that starred my once a upon a time crush, Freddie Prinze Jr. like She’s All That, or like Amanda Bines movie She’s The Man, and even the unforgettable Heath Ledge/Julia Stiles movie 10 Things I Hate About You.  Even though the book itself was pretty predictable right from the beginning, I wanted to continue reading the story to see how it unfolds, and to see the sweetest moment that I knew would arrive in the end.

Non-rule breaking, Shakespeare loving, endless romantic Julia is on a trip she has been dreaming of since she was a little girl.   On her way to London, England for a school trip, Julia can’t wait to fall in love with the same country where her parents fell in love.  Since she was small, Julia has also been dreaming of her Meant To Be (MTB), and is positive that he goes by the name Mark…the same Mark she married when she was six, who uttered a phrase that she will forever remember.   But Julia’s in London, and Mark is, well…not.  And the only link she has to Mark is her best friend, who she can only converse with via texting or her computer.

But this trip is not exactly how Julia’s been wishing it would be.  Jason is also on this trip, and it seems that Jason’s lot in life is to make Julia’s life difficult.  With his outgoing personality, his need to be the centre of attention, and be anything but serious it’s only inevitable that they end up being assigned as “buddies”.  Basically this means that for the duration of this trip, they are pretty much tied to the hip and must do everything together.  And by everything, it also means that Julia must be around Jason when he breaks the rules…which starts off by going to a party.

It’s at this party that Julia decides to become a new Julia and be anyone that she wants to be.  Unfortunately, after one to many drinks and much mingling and phone number exchanging, Julia has lost track of who she has spoken to.  And this all comes to light after she receives a text from someone named Chris.  Who is he?  Could he be her MTB?  And it’s from this text where Julia and Jason decide to make pact.  Jason will help Julia find this Chris person and have him fall for her, and Julia must write their essays/reflection papers for their trip.  Done and done!  Or is it…?  It’s because of this little agreement that Julia’s adventure of a lifetime starts, and she learns more about herself, doubts what she has believed in her entire life, and opens her eyes wide open to different possibilities.

I loved Meant To Be.  LOVED IT!  It was a quick read that had me hooked due to the characters.  Their interactions with each other is what solidified my love for this book.  Julia and Jason were hilarious together.  There were various parts in the book that had me, literally, cracking up!  I would go back and re-read them and I would crack up all over again!  I would read that part over again, out loud, to whoever would listen, and I would be laughing as I’m trying to say the words.  Specifically, the scene at the ticket booth and the pencil incident.  OMG… I was laughing with tears.  I could perfectly picture the facial expressions, the rise and fall of their voices as they said their lines… The scenes played out in my mind like a movie I want to own for my movie collection.

Author, Lauren Morrill is one of those authors that completely took me by surprise.  Her comedic writing flowed perfectly, and she didn’t miss a beat.  She knew exactly when comedic relief was needed and boy, did she deliver.  The characters she created are ones that you will absolutely fall in love with.  Meant To Be had me smiling from the very first chapter up to the very end.

Fans of romantic comedy teen flicks and books like Anna and the French Kiss will fall in love with Lauren Morrill’s Meant To Be.  Get ready to be entertained!

About the Author:


Lauren Elizabeth Morrill is many things, including, but not limited to, a writer, an educator, a badass roller derby skater, a former band nerd, an aggressive driver, and a die-hard Mac person. She also watches a lot of TV, eats a lot of junk food, and drinks a lot of Coke. It’s a wonder her brain and teeth haven’t rotted out of her head.

Her first novel, Meant to Be, sold in a two-book deal to Wendy Loggia at Delacorte for Paper Lantern Lit.

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  1. Sunny

    Yay! I’m so happy it was a good book. I have been wanting to read this for the longest time and was worried that it would turn out to be a dud. So now I’m even more excited to read it :)

  2. kimbacaffeinate

    Squee! I got this from pub and cannot wait to read, love, love your review!

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