August 10, 2015

Review: Noble Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Review:  Noble Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer

After placing teenage mixed martial arts phenom McCutcheon Daniels and his mother and sister in the Witness Relocation Program,the FBI comes to realize they have a unique asset on their hands. Recruited to help the FBI, McCutcheon finds himself hunting bad guys. But when he discovers that the notorious Priests have targeted Kaitlyn-the girl he loves and was forced to leave behind-as a way to seek revenge on the Daniels family, MD convinces the FBI to send him right into the belly of the beast: Jenkells State Penitentiary where the mob boss of Detroit is serving time. Yet in his universe where up is down, McCutcheon ends up disavowed by the government and left to rot in one of America's most notorious prisons. It's there here connects with his father and discovers the truth about his circumstances. McCutcheon, a trained urban warrior, escapes and sets out for revenge on those who betrayed him and his family.

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Noble Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Published by: Disney-Hyperion  on July 21, 2015


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Gabby-2013As somebody who only read the description for author Alan Lawrence Sitomer’s Noble Warrior, I was pretty intrigued. The premise sounded like Prison Break with a teenager and a lot more mixed martial arts. As somebody who has been practicing MMA for almost six years, I was hyped up to get reading a novel about a badass teen who will kick some serious ass. What I didn’t know was that Noble Warrior was a sequel (oops) but rest assured to anyone who reads this review and is interested in skipping Caged Warrior—you can definitely read Noble Warrior as a stand-alone.

               In Noble Warrior our main character McCutcheon Daniels has been placed in the Witness Security Program alongside his once-absent mother and the light of his life, his younger sister. McCutcheon has dedicated his entire life to supporting his younger sister and giving her everything that she needs. Upon entering the Witness Security Program, M.D. has given up the girl he loves and the life he had as an underground fighter. Newly recruited into the F.B.I. as a unique soldier, McCutcheon begins tracking down the ‘bad guys’ and performing top secret missions within the Bureau.

However when he finds out that in his hometown of Detroit that the city’s reigning criminal organization—the Priests—have McCutcheon’s girl, Kaitlyn, he’s made a deal: Enter the Jentles State Prison where the Priests’ boss is being detained and take him out, and his girl goes free. What once seemed like a simple mission is proven to be far more heinous and secretive than M.D. could even begin to imagine. And within the prison, McCutcheon is reunited with his father. The man who he’s despised for his unfair treatment of both himself and his sister. Now trapped within a prison that threatens to devour him, McCutcheon begins to plot his escape.

What I enjoyed most about Noble Warrior was most likely the writing style. It was very fluent and consistent and made it easy to tap into McCutcheon’s brain and determine the setting through his eyes. McCutcheon himself is a very unique character. He’s your typical overprotective big brother, sure, but he’s also a total badass. And unlike most badass hotties in the YA-verse, McCutcheon would never dream of sacrificing the people closest to him for love or anything of the like. He’s a very complex character and one who is without question one of the ‘good’ guys. I loved him. And I imagined that he was particularly muscular…  Always an additional bonus, you know?

Throughout Noble Warrior there is constant action and plot twists. Whenever the narrative begins to reach a lull, you can quickly find the novel snapping back to its previous fast pace. Personally, I wasn’t the greatest fan of the curved pacing in Noble Warrior, but there is no denying that the story itself is very original and action-packed. The way that Noble Warrior is written and the way it flows makes me wish that I had read Caged Warrior in order to see just what it is that McCutcheon went through before this novel.

The realism in Noble Warrior is a bit questionable, but it is fiction and is definitely the kind of novel that could be placed on par with the likes of Sin City. There is no ignoring the fact that Noble Warrior is placed in a dark world with crude intentions. Readers question both their morality and McCutcheon’s own when he’s faced with possibly breaking his ‘no killing’ rule. My only real issue with the novel would be the constant reaffirmation that McCutcheon is a warrior. If I had a dime for each time it was reiterated, I’d probably have a bill in my wallet.

I would recommend Noble Warrior to any readers who are looking for (as stated above) a novel that is all about action. I think that plenty of male readers will fall in love with this novel as it’s thick with testosterone. Any readers who are looking for a tale filled with betrayal, thrills, and mystery should also  give Noble Warrior a go.

About Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Alan Lawrence Sitomer is a California Teacher of the Year award winner and the founder of The Writer’s Success Academy. In addition to having been an inner-city high school English teacher and former professor in the Graduate School Of Education at Loyola Marymount University, Mr. Sitomer is a nationally renowned keynote speaker who specializes in engaging underperforming students.

To date, Mr. Sitomer has authored 16 books with works ranging from hard-hitting YA novels like CAGED WARRIOR, HOMEBOYZ, THE HOOPSTER and HIP-HOP HIGH SCHOOL to humorous and warm children’s picture books such as DADDIES DO IT DIFFERENT and DADDY’S ZIGZAGGING BEDTIME STORY.

On the educational front he’s published a curricular series of pedagogical materials for secondary Language Arts classrooms called THE ALAN SITOMER BOOK JAM and right now he’s in talks with Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Steven Spielberg to do medieval reimagining of Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST executed entirely in vowel-less tweets. (Just seeing if you’re still paying attention.)

Currently – and this is true – Alan lives in Los Angeles where he just finished writing the movie script adaptation for his novel CAGED WARRIOR. To date, Alan has several hundred thousand copies of his books in print.


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