August 20, 2015

Review: Even Vampires Get the Blues (Deadly Angels #6) by Sandra Hill

Review:  Even Vampires Get the Blues (Deadly Angels #6) by Sandra Hill

New York Times bestselling author Sandra Hill delivers a sizzling new entry in her Deadly Angels series, as a Viking vangel's otherworldly mission teams him with a Navy SEAL who's more than his match— she's his predestined mate . . .

The fact that vampire angel Harek Sigurdsson was a Norseman in his mortal life doesn't make thawing out after exile in Siberia any easier. But things heat up when his search for evil Lucipires connects him with Camille Dumaine, a human who thrums with sensual energy that can mean only one thing: she's the mate Harek's been seeking for centuries . . .

The SEALs call her "Camo" for her ability to blend into a crowd—yet Harek's intense blue gaze singles Camille out like a white-hot spotlight. The security wiz was hired to help bring down a ruthless band of international kidnappers, but Camille senses an unspoken agenda—besides Harek's bold declaration that she's his "destiny." Just Camille's luck that the sexiest man she's ever met may also be . . . a vampire!

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Even Vampires Get the Blues by Sandra Hill
Published by: Avon  on August 25, 2015


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MaryAnn-2015I went into Even Vampires Get the Blues (Deadly Angels #6) by Sandra Hill totally blind. I hadn’t heard of this series before so, obviously, I hadn’t read any of the other books in the Deadly Angels series. Let me just say that vampire angel Vikings are a thing. Not only are they a thing…they are sexy, hot things!

Harek Sigurdsson was born a Viking, and back in the day, he was known for his great skills in making money. And one of the last things that he was in the business of selling to make a profit was people. Slaves to be more precise. And it’s because of his greed to make money that he was sentenced to a life as a Vangel…a vampire angel who answers to Michael the Archangel (aka Mike). For over a thousand years, Harek has been wandering the earth battling evil Lucipires (demon vampires), and spending most of his immortal life in Siberia in “exile”.

But “Mike” has a plan for Harek. He’s been assigned to assist in a mission in Nigeria to help the SEALs hunt down and end a group of kidnappers who are hell bent on kidnapping girls and selling them off into a life of slavery. And it’s because of this mission that Harek meets Camille (aka Camo), a kickass WEAL chick who has a true hatred for slavery, and is not at all looking to start any sort of relationship.

But Harek can be very…very convincing. Who can resist the charms of a Norseman vampire angel? Heck, even though he knows he’s breaking the rules, Harek can’t seem to resist Camille! But will they even have a chance? Or will everything that has been building up between them come crashing down, when Harek’s past comes to light in the present.

I will admit, there were points in Even Vampires Get the Blues by Sandra Hill that were cute. Yes, cute. Like the terms of endearment (i.e. sweetling, dearling) and the early encounters where Harek talks about stuff from his past and Camille has a WTF are you talking about face (or so I was picturing). And yes, there were parts that made me chuckle, like the times where Harek talks about stuff from his past, and Camille has a WTF are you talking about face (again, so I was picturing), or when Harek and Camille are fighting whatever is happening between them. And yes, the cheese factor is strong…but put it all together, and Even Vampires Get the Blues by Sandra Hill as quite enjoyable.

The characters had chemistry, which was one of the things that kept my attention. The writing style reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, which was another reason that I enjoyed reading this book. And even though I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series, I had no difficulty in following along with the storyline, and the back stories. I also enjoyed meeting Harek’s other brothers and seeing the various personalities.

If you’re looking for a read where you don’t really need to concentrate but are looking for something that will transport your imagination to another place, Even Vampires Get the Blues by Sandra Hill is the one for you. It’s got everything you need for a quick read…humor, romance, steamy scenes (though I wish they were longer and more descriptive), sexy Viking vampire angels, and a kickass heroine!


About Sandra Hill

Sandra Hill is a graduate of Penn State and worked for more than 10 years as a features writer and education editor for publications in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Writing about serious issues taught her the merits of seeking the lighter side of even the darkest stories. She is the wife of a stockbroker and the mother of four sons.

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