December 3, 2016

Review: Arena by Holly Jennings



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MaryAnn-2015Fast-paced and gripping is right! I totally devoured this book. It totally called out, no, screamed out to the gamer in me. For all you gamers out there, Arena by Holly Jennings is definitely a book you need to check out!
Set in the (near-ish) future (2054), gaming is on a whole new level. Gamers are not just those who sit in front of their computer/console with a headset on screaming at their team mates to heal them, cover them, provide more dps, be stealthier (I could go on). This is a whole new generation of gamers…they are buff gladiators who are totally and completely immersed into the game. Placed into a pod, wires seek out the flesh to connect these pro-gamers into a virtual reality where they fight to the death.

The book opens up with a death match (hells yaaaas). I was pulled straight into the game and was treated with what exactly these gamers see, hear, feel… And it’s here where we meet the members of Team Defiance, and all are likeable in their own way. Tough ass Kali Ling shows us her skill and strength from the get go. And in all honestly, it was the first chapter that had me reading on.

This book showed the way in which Kali rises and falls, hitting rock bottom, and we then watch her (cheesy line coming up) rise from the ashes and become greatness. Seriously! She is a force to be reckoned with. And as much as I really enjoyed her character, I was really loving the newest addition to the Defiance team, Rooke.

Sure, sure…he was a real douche in the beginning…not being a full team player, his moodiness, his difficult ways…but as you read on, you find out why he was the way he was. And when he finally gets out of his funk and we see the real Rooke, oh my gosh, he is dreamy, and funny, and yummy…

I think it would be so cool if the gaming world became something described in Arena by Holly Jennings…think Tron mixed with Hunger Games. I’m not sure how I would feel watching all the carnage as described in the pages, but man…it’s something to think about!

If your looking for a read that’s different from the same old same old out there right now, you definitely need to check Arena by Holly Jennings. Sex, drugs, gaming, blood, death, gore…it’s got it all, and it will most likely get your adrenaline pumping like it did mine.

A solid start to an entertaining series, I can’t wait to see what the next book (Gauntlet) has in store!

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