October 25, 2011

Interview with John Corwin, Author of The Next Thing I Knew & Giveaway

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of reviewing, author, John Corwin’s fantastic novel The Next Thing I Knew. Today, we are thrilled to have him stop by for an interview. To celebrate, we are doing a giveaway of his novel The Next Thing I Knew! John was so much fun to interview. He is HI-larious!


1 – How did “The Next Thing I Knew” come to be?Oddly enough, The Next Thing I Knew was indirectly inspired by The Lovely Bones. After reading that book and seeing the movie I felt let down by the blah execution of a great premise. The afterlife has always fascinated me as well so I sketched out some rules and the next thing I knew, I was writing The Next Thing I Knew.:)2 – Where do you get your inspiration from?

My doctor says that my inspiration comes from a deep need to satiate my god complex and to complete my evil plans for world domination. While world domination is on my bucket list, I’m content to create my own worlds in novels for now. I’ve always enjoyed getting reactions from people. I started out small scale in 6th grade by writing ridiculous short stories for my classmates to pass around and read. Now I’m going for the masses since they won’t let me attend middle school anymore and I have to act all grown up. *sigh*

3 – Any sort of rituals you do prior writing a novel?

Just before writing, I stand on my head for about 5 minutes to concentrate the blood in my brain. I’m not a doctor or anything but I’m pretty sure that having as much blood as possible in your head is really good. When I stand up it usually takes a few minutes of staggering around before I can find my computer chair and start writing. Also, a nice large cup of coffee helps.
Before anyone takes this to heart, I don’t really do that. I actually don’t have any rituals except sketching out the story and then filling
in the blanks.

4 -Is there a message in the book that you want your reader’s to understand?

I don’t usually put messages or any after-school special morals in my books but we all have our own world views and no matter how hard a writer tries, some of that is going to come through. I’m not a big fan of fanaticism and I think that comes through in The Next Thing I Knew. I also think that humans limit their potential because of a lack of belief in themselves and I guess I’m basically an optimist so I think the best about someone before I believe the worst.
If a reader takes those messages from the book, then cool. So long as the subliminal messages about meekly accepting my authority when I take over the world get through, I don’t really care
. ;P

5 – What book are you reading right now?

Do picture books count? Because I can totally read one or two of those in a day. If you’re asking about a big-boy book, then I’m reading book 4 of the Vampire Academy series. It’s pretty good even if it doesn’t have pictures in it.

** we love that series John! Nice pick**

6 – What song is next on queue to play in your ipod/music player?

Sunshine Day by the Brady Bunch. It really makes life groovy. Actually, I’ve got MGMT next on the playlist and after that, a whole lotta Muse.

7 – Do you get any inspiration to write from music? If so, what musician influences you the most?

I don’t usually get inspiration about writing novels from music but I compose my own stuff in my head all the time. I’d planned to be a music major with aspirations of writing music for blockbuster movies. Then John Williams and his henchmen paid a visit to me one night and taught me a lesson. He owns the movie music scene in Hollywood. So I switched to a business degree.

8 – Any current projects in the works right now?

I’m currently working on a novel with the working title Sweet Blood of Mine. It’s about a teenager, a hopeless romantic, who believes in true love Princess Bride style only to discover he’s an incubus, a soulless demon spawn and has to face the tough question: How can you have a soul mate if you don’t have a soul? And then he falls in love with a girl he goes to school with. Turns out she’s a Templar in training.
I know it more or less sounds like real life teenage high school dating, but the main character can also walk on his hands and that’s something most high school students cannot do! Hopefully that’ll give it the paranormal twist that puts it over the top

**Ooooo Sounds like it’s going to be a good read!**

9 – Any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?

If you’re an aspiring writer my advice would be: Write about vampires and werewolves. It’s totally unexplored territory and nobody is doing it right now, but it has the potential to be BIG. I had an idea I was going to write about, but I’m going to give it away for free right here in this interview. The premise: A teenage girl falls in love with a mysterious guy. Turns out, he’s a vampire!
Pretty cool huh? Don’t say I never gave you anything.

**haha! A totally original idea, John. We thank you for that. lol **

Thanks so much for the interview, MaryAnn! I promise when I take over the world, I’ll save a really important position for you. :)

I’m gonna hold you to that John! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule in achieving world domination and chatting with us! We look forward to reading more of your books :)
What a great guy . . . and funny to boot!

  You can check out the complete review on The Next Thing I Knew hereor scroll down to the previous blog post!Click here for Official Contest Details and to enter to win an
e-book copy of this fantastic book

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