December 3, 2011

From my “To Be Read List” – Feature Book & Giveaway

What to do, what to do… I know!  Why not feature a book from my “To Be Read” list!
Today our feature TBR book is (Paranormal genre):

Sixteen-year-old Trinity Monsour wants nothing more than to live a normal life. But that isn’t as easy as it seems. Trinity is different. She is special. She sees visions, and for those she’s seen, it’s already too late.

Trinity arrives on her aunt’s doorstep in New Orleans with virtually no knowledge of her mysterious heritage. She begins settling into life at a new school and even starts making friends. But all too quickly her dreams accelerate; twisted, terrifying visions of a girl locked in a dark room. And when the head cheerleader, Jessica, goes missing, Trinity knows she has no choice but to step forward with what she’s seen.

But people believe that Trinity has information about Jessica’s disappearance not because of a dream, but because she is involved. She is kind-of dating Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, Chase, and Jessica did pull a nasty prank on Trinity. Revenge seems like the likeliest scenario.

Nothing prepares Trinity for the dark odyssey that ensues while searching for Jessica, including the surprising romance she finds with Chase, or the shocking truths she learns, not just about the girl who has gone missing, but the past that has been hidden from her.

Looks pretty good, huh?

Check out her website here!

 Now for the good stuff…
You can win a signed copy of the Shattered Dreams by Ellie James right here!  Pretty sweet, right?
Enter using the Rafflecopter below! The contest will run until Midnight, December 09, 2011!

Official Contest Info:

– Make sure you enter your e-mail address correctly. This is the only way we can contact you to get you your prize, so double check :)
– You must be 13 years of age or older to qualify.
– Open to Canada and US residents only.  Sorry International friends
– The winner will be announced sometime on December 10, 2011. The winner will be notified by e-mail (again, make sure you typed it correctly) and will have 48 hours to reply to us. If we don’t hear from you, a new winner will be chosen.
Good luck!!

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  1. Bailey

    Can't wait to read this book! :D

  2. Maji Bookshelf

    thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  3. larrypmNL

    Great gift for my sis.

  4. Stephanie Parent

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I'm really looking forward to this book!


  5. ebaker

    Thanks so much for this giveaway!

  6. Janiera

    This sounds like a really interesting book.

  7. Tiffany Mahaffy

    Thank you for yet again another SUPER giveaway!! the bbok sounds great :)

  8. Arianne Cruz

    The cover is okay but I'm not in love with it. The blurb is interesting though

  9. Sarah Brown

    Thanks for the giveaway

  10. FirestarBooks

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  11. FirestarBooks

    Thank you! Zombies don't cry seems cool

  12. Angie

    Thanks for the giveaway! The trailer was awesome! I really want to read this :)

  13. Hushed Paradox

    This looks awesome! Thanks :)

  14. FallenAngel

    thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Ashley Chen

    Sounds so cool!!! <333

  16. manda-rae

    Sounds like a great giveaway!!! Thanks for doing this.

  17. Lecea

    I loved the book trailer, very mysterious! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. brandisbookmusings

    I hadn't heard about this book yet, but thanks for sharing.

  19. The name's Kara!

    Thanks for the giveaway ^^
    Kara D.

  20. I've been seeing this one around lately. It sounds really good~!

    Thanks for the giveaway~! :3

  21. Shattered Dreams sounds really good. I like the dream aspect of this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Charissa

    This book looks really good, cant wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway

  23. Vivien

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  24. Stella Chen

    Thanks for the giveaway! I've never heard of this book but I am pretty excited about this now!~

  25. Savannah

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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