December 16, 2011

Follow My Book Blog #10

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This week’s question:
When you’ve read a book, what do you do with it?
(Keep it, give it away, donate it, sell it, swap it..?)
We tend to keep the books we buy, BUT we are a library to our friends and family.
Most of our books are always loaned out.

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  1. melannie (:

    My immediate family do not speak english so they never ask to borrow my books, which is great haha (:

    New follower. Thanks for coming by my blog (:


  2. Sarah Brown

    I keep all my books but because I'm so fussy with my books I don't like to lend mine out, here's mine


  3. I loan out a lot of my books too.

    New follower
    Check Out My Follow Friday!


  4. Rachel Brooks

    I loan books out to my husband…does that count? LOL

    Here is my Follow Friday post

    Old follower =)


  5. Tribute Books Mama
  6. Karen

    It really depends for me…


  7. Chloe Booklover

    Lending out books makes you feel so good! – as long as you get them back :) Old follower!
    My FF


  8. Kristen

    I'm a library to my friends too! New follower, love the layout.


  9. sosaysthewhale

    I definitely hold onto my books, however, I loan them out a lot. lol, or if I think a book is fantastic, I'll force it upon the friend/family member who happens to be closest at the moment.

    My FF!


  10. Romi

    I'm your new follower! Nice answer! Here's mine-
    “Follow Friday”


  11. Samual

    I buy most of my books and like to keep at least 99% of them. I most read YA Contemporary books, and I really like the covers! Hehe. Thank you for sharing such a great answer! :)

    Books For All Seasons


  12. Tia

    I'd love to lend out books but I generally only buy e-books now. So, I can keep them all to myself!

    My Follow Friday!


  13. aparajita
  14. Kah Cherub

    Oh, I wish I could turn my house into a library. :) I'm following.


  15. KIKA

    I always keep the books I buy :) LoL probably because I can hardly afford to buy books, so when I do I make sure its one I love.

    That and I also go to the library too much for my own good LOL

    Love the blog and am now a follower :)


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