January 27, 2013

Entwined Publishing Scavenger Hunt Birthday Bash – Day 1 G!veaway

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Welcome to the Entwined Publishing Birthday Bash!

We want to kick the party off right, and this is the first stop along the Scavenger Hunt. It is a ten day event and to find the answers to all of the questions, you’ll have to dig down in Entwined’s books to pull out the answers. We do have a couple author questions and publishing questions along the way as well. For more info, please visit Uniquely Moi Books for all the details and a full schedule of all the stops.

Now, let’s talk prizes!  

There will be two winners.

The EASY question will count as three points.
The HARD question counts as five points.
Choose your question wisely, as points will be added up!

The winner of the HARD questions will receive seven Entwined Publishing books, swag, and a $25 Gift Card of Choice.
The winner of the EASY questions will win four books of choice by Entwined Publishing, swag to go with them, and a $15 Gift card of choice.


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Today’s question comes from SOMETHING MORE by Mia Castile.

Easy: Where does Nyla attend College?

Hard:Who is Nyla’s favorite actress?

All she wanted was a fresh start. Moving to Chicago for college, escaping her small town, Nyla finally felt she had it all. Then Jameson is suddenly everywhere, invading her life, school schedule, and dating her supervisor at the posh art gallery where she works. How can she survive her fresh start, when her high school bully is everywhere.The only thing that scared him about going to college was the crushing fear that he wouldn’t see Nyla anymore. So after graduation, Jameson applied to Roosevelt College, her school, to try to make sense of why he felt that way. Hoping it would only take a semester to understand his strange attraction and why he tormented her during high school, instead he realized that there was something more about Nyla, and something more to the way he felt. Now he must prove to her that she feels the same way about him.

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 Grand Prize:
Seven novels from Entwined Publishing, swag, and a $25 Gift Card of Choice.

Second Prize:
Four books of choice, swag to go with, and a $15 Gift Card of choice

Be sure to follow @EntwinedPublish and find out where to go for the next stop!

Be sure to check out all the stops below!  You can also find them all 
listed here, at Uniquely Moi Books!

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