December 2, 2015

Celebrate YA with Vinspire Publishing and a Giveaway



Love YA?  So do we!

Vinspire Publishing is celebrating their YA books with
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Today, we welcome author, J.K. Bovi,
where she shares her confessions of a closet YA Book Read.

There’s also a giveaway available to you!
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Confessions Of A Closet Young Adult Book Reader by J.K. Bovi


It started innocently enough in high school with reading The Hobbit between chapters of Anna Karenina. I was, after all, a young teen, and my reading selections were age appropriate, but something must’ve happened when I grew up because I remained interested in young adult books.

Perhaps I did not want to leave The Secret Garden or My Friend Flicka behind. My adult friends read books with political messages or heavy handled social issues, but I wanted to fly with dragons, sweetly kiss a new love, or go vampire hunting.

In college I learned to be discreet and carry my YA books hidden between books on philosophy, sociology, and art history. After graduation, I sneaked around in book stores looking for books classified Young Adult. When I found one I wanted to buy, I would hide my secret interest and say, “Oh my niece will love this one,” or “My nephew likes this type of stuff so I’ll pick up this for him.” Of course, I kept the books for myself.

For the most part I kept my reading interest hidden, and I must confess: I was a Closet Young Adult Book Reader.

It was safe in my closet. I had my romance, paranormal, sci-fi, mystical worlds, action, and fantasy books. I had my coffee cup, my chocolate, my puffy pillow, and my pet dragon (cat).

I would have stayed there quite content except that I started writing my own YA book, and when I finished writing I realized the message conveyed in my story was: It’s all in what you believe.

“What do I believe?” I asked myself.

“I believe young adult books are not just for the young, but for the young-at-heart!” I answered.

And with that sudden bolt of enlightenment, I kicked open the closet door and stepped out!

I boldly placed my book collection on my shelves for all my friends to see. They could accept me for my interest or walk away. (Apparently I had a few friends who had YA libraries in their own closets because many of them borrowed some of my books.)

Now I go blissfully into the book store and make my captivating selections from the young adult section. I openly discuss titles with other like-minded readers, and I enjoy the freedom to be young-at-heart once again.

I suspect there are a few readers out there who are afraid to confess how much they love books written for young adults. To them I say, “Go forth bravely, slay the dragon, and get out of the darn closet!”


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  1. Nora-Adrienne

    I grew up reading sci-fi. I have a ton of YA books by Asimov, Heinlein and others. I still read them and so do my grown up kids. Nothing wrong with easy fun reads.

  2. JK Bovi

    I’ve saved many of my favorite books also and I love a light easy read so my mind can relax. Thank you for your comment. JK Bovi

  3. JK Bovi

    Yes! I have saved many of my favorite books also. I enjoy a light easy read to escape into. Lots of fun. Thank you for your comment. JK Bovi

  4. Linda Romer

    I truly love YA Novels ♡ I have found so many great reads and fabulous YA Authors this past year. Thank you

  5. JK Bovi

    Yes Linda! There are so many great YA authors and many of them are writing about some very difficult topics. Great stuff. Thanks for your comment. JK Bovi

  6. Leah

    I say read what you like and enjoy! :) I even like reading middle grade fantasy/sci-fi once in a while. :)

  7. JK Bovi

    I agree Leah, but unlike you, it took me awhile to realize that. I read a lot of books that bored me, so now… I’m back to reading what my heart wants. Love the sci-fi too! Thank you for your comment. JK Bovi

  8. Anubha

    I am also a huge fan of Young-Adult but at times I like my kick of middle-grade books similar to Enid Blyton or those kid comics like Mickey Mouse. I try keep that hidden from my peers that I read books which might be suitable for kids almost 10 years younger than me but my really close friends know that I need those little books to keep the kid in my heart happy and what’s better is that once I read them I try to pass them to my younger siblings and give them little nudge towards developing interest in reading :P

  9. JK Bovi

    Anubha, Good for you for keeping Young-Adult books close in your heart and sharing them to encourage young readers. Thank you for your comment. JK Bovi

  10. Dawn Carrington

    I got into reading young adult a couple of years ago, and now I’m addicted. I cannot imagine not reading it!

  11. JK Bovi

    Thank you Dawn. Yes, It can be addictive, but it’s oh so much fun to drift into the wonderful worlds available to young adults… like us! Thank you for sharing your comment. JK Bovi

  12. Jess

    Thanks for sharing! I recently came out of the closet, as well!

  13. JK Bovi

    Jess welcome out of the closet! I wish I had done it sooner, but I guarantee you, it’s much better out here. (not so stuffy and confined) Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  14. Deb P

    Yes I have family that would love to read young adult books, thanks for the giveaway.

  15. JK Bovi

    Deb, Wonderful! I hope you enjoy our giveaway. Thank you. JK Bovi

  16. Jo Anne V

    I love to read and lose myself in ya stories — started as a little girl and am a grandmother now and still love reading them.

  17. JK Bovi

    Jo Anne I can’t wait to be a grandma and pass down some of my books. Hummm, let me rethink that because some are going to be hard to give up. Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  18. Melanie McFarlane

    It’s wonderful you’ve always stayed in love with YA. I have been the same way and refuse to give it up no matter what age I am! I look forward to being a great grandmother one day sharing tales with my little ones :)

  19. JK Bovi

    Melanie, thank you for stopping by. Keep reading YA and stay young at heart forever!!!! JK Bovi

  20. Haley Scully

    YA books are actually my favorite type of books to read. I started reading them in fourth grade, and I’ve loved them ever since. I’m still an avid reader of YA fiction today, and I think it’s a great genre that people of all ages can enjoy. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  21. JK Bovi

    Melanie! It’s so great to discover how many adult YA readers are out there! I’m in good company. Thank you for coming by! JK Bovi

  22. JK Bovi

    Haley. Sorry I messed up my reply. I’m using my iPod and it’s rather small. I actually use my iPod to write my YA books. It helps me keep things light and I’m slow with typing which helps me use less words. Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  23. Mary Preston

    YA is for everybody. A lot of great YA books around.

  24. JK Bovi

    Yes Mary. I agree. There are a lot of great authors and books to read. Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  25. Mai T.

    Question to the author: If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?

  26. JK Bovi

    Thank you for the Mind-blowing question Mia. As my do-over I would acknowledge and accept my love for reading and writing young adult books and gotten out of the darn closet sooner. There are so many stories I want to share with the world that I wish I had found the courage earlier to… as Joseph Campbell said, “Follow my Bliss”. Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  27. Holly B

    I have always been drawn to Young Adult Fiction, as opposed to Adult or Non-fiction. I find most youth novels to focus primarily on characters and I love that. You get to know this person, in and out, and come to feel what they might be feeling throughout the story. It’s amazing!! My all-time favorite book is a teen novel titled, “Bloody Jack” by L.A. Meyer! That young adult series is beyond kind words!!!! :)

  28. JK Bovi

    Holly, I’ve never read the Bloody Jack series. I see that it is available in audio book, so I’m going to put it on my “listen while I work” list because some days a person needs to raise the black flag and go on an adventure. Thank you for stopping by. JK Bovi

  29. Vicki Wurgler

    there is alot of great YA books out there. my sister and I buy and then exchange them.

  30. JK Bovi

    Yes, there are many good books to read and they are offer all sorts of fun adventures. Thank you for your comment.

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