March 11, 2016

Blog Tour: Triumph of Chaos (Red Magic #3) by Jen McConnel – Deleted Scene and Giveaway



Hello readers!  Welcome to our Tour Stop for

Triumph of Chaos (Red Magic #3)
by Jen McConnel

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Today, Jen shares a deleted scene from Triumph of Chaos!  OMG!

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After the disaster in Europe, Darlena’s starting to get desperate. She knows the only way to
defeat Hecate and the other crazy Red Gods is by banding together with other Witches, but is it any wonder she has a hard time trusting them?

With Izzy’s support, Darlena begins making fragile strides toward repairing the mess she made,
but she just can’t catch a break. As chaos runs rampant around her, Darlena begins to think that things would be better if she’d never become a Red Witch in the first place. But there’s no way to change the past…is there?

The final book in the Red Magic series brings Darlena face to face with impossible odds, and a
terrifying choice.

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Triumph of Chaos (Red Magic #3)
by Jen McConnel
Publication Date: March 8, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

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Since Triumph of Chaos is the third and final book in the Red Magic series, it’s hard to find a deleted scene that doesn’t contain WAY too many spoilers, so I decided to take it back to my second draft of Daughter of Chaos.  This scene landed on the cutting floor early on in the writing process, but it helped me figure out a lot about my characters (and the direction the story was going to take), and I’m excited to share it with you today.


Rochelle looked down and I noticed the cards in her hands for the first time.

“Is that your tarot deck?”

She nodded, intently shuffling the cards. I swallowed. “Would you read for me?”

With a curt nod, she handed the old deck to me, and I began to shuffle the cards. They were sticky in my hands, and I fumbled the shuffling. It was as if they didn’t want to be handled by anyone but Rochelle and I handed them back to her as quickly as I could.

Deftly, she turned up three cards. “You’re in trouble, Darlena.”

Lying on the table before me were three cards from the major arcana, the suit of cards in the tarot deck that hold the most power. I sucked in my breath when I saw Death, The Tower, and The Lovers. Rochelle jabbed a finger at Death.

“This is a card of change. An old way is dying to give way to the new.”

“Like my old Magic changing when I declared Red?”

Rochelle shrugged noncommittally. “This is The Tower. It’s a card of power, and dramatic change. The tower represents safety and dreams, and it is crumbling under the force of an earthquake.”

I stayed silent. Rochelle glanced at me before moving on to the final card. “The Lovers are inverted, which means this card doesn’t represent a healthy relationship. In this position, this card indicates sexuality and manipulation.” She chuckled softly to herself. “Maybe that’s how Aphrodite will help you: you’ll finally get laid. Not that you haven’t been willing.”

I felt my cheeks burn, and I looked down at the cards. Right then, I wished I hadn’t told Rochelle about my disastrous almost-first-time with Justin last year. Rochelle scooped the cards up and returned them to her deck. I finally looked up at her.

“I am in trouble.” I fought back tears.

She nodded solemnly, but her eyes flashed with humor. “I might even say you’re screwed!”





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