March 22, 2016

Blog Tour: The Undertakers 5: End of the World by Ty Drago – Guest Post and Giveaway

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by Ty Drago

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The Undertakers!

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The Corpse War is over. Or at least Will Ritter thought the war was over. But Will quickly changes his mind when he is led through a doorway in time and finds himself in a future where the Earth has been all but destroyed. The Corpses, alien invaders who wear the dead like suits of clothing, have returned in horrific numbers. In the wake of their destructive onslaught, a rag-tag group of survivors with some of Will’s now grownup friends among them is all that’s left of mankind. Will must take part in a desperate, last ditch effort to rewrite history, prevent the Second Corpse War from ever happening, and defeat this evil that has consumed mankind once and for all. But victory, if such a thing is even possible, carries a heavy cost.

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The Undertakers 5: End of the Word by Ty Drago
Publication Date: March 29, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

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While the world of the Undertakers boasts plenty of animated rotting cadavers tromping around trying to kill people, the five-book, one-novelette series isn’t really a “zombie apocalypse.”  While my heroic kids are battling the alien invaders, called Corpses, that hide inside the bodies of the recently dead – the world around them, modern day Philadelphia, keeps turning in blissful ignorance of the high-stakes struggle going on in their midst.

The Corpses are pouring in.  Until late in the series, the Undertakers don’t know from where or how these monsters are invading, but there are more and more of them arriving every day.  Intelligent, articulate, and well-organized, these aliens come without bodies of their own, as nothing more than malevolent lumps of red energy that, without a handy cadaver to possess and animate, would die quickly in Earth’s hostile environment.

So the Corpses, led at first by the evil Kenny Booth and later by the spectacularly evil Lilith Cavanaugh, have developed a system to keep them (more or less) well supplied with fresh bodies to serve as hosts for new soldiers.  Through careful infiltration of city government and other infrastructure, they have taken control of the morgues and most of the local funeral parlors.  Failing that, they dig up recent graves, and sometimes even kill living people, innocent people, simply for the opportunity to occupy their cadavers.

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the world of the Undertakers.

This intrepid army of underage resistance fighters is the first, last, and only line of defense against the Corpse Invasion.  Only they know what’s happening.  Only they recognize the danger.  And, since they’re kids, no one will believe them.  Why not? Because the enemy, despite being quite dead, is very good at hiding.

The Corpses have a telepathic trick.  Each one, when they arrive on Earth, is assigned a false identity, complete with physical appearance and voice.  This is called their Mask, and they project it, regardless of the body they’re currently using for a host.  Kenny Booth, for example, is a dazzlingly handsome TV newscaster, experienced and well-respected.  Except his experience is a lie, his respect comes from duping the world, and his rugged good looks, perfect hair, and shining teeth are simply illusion.  Underneath it all, Kenny’s a rotting cadaver.

But the illusion is good.  Not only does it pass, uninterrupted, from host body to host body as each stolen corpse rots, it also extends to fingerprints, photographs, and video, which is how Kenny can even be a TV newsman without someone wising up to his real, evil nature.

A perfect disguise, except for one thing: the Undertakers.

For reasons these heroic kids don’t understand, each of them has somehow developed the ability to see through the Corpses’ Masks.  Only they can spot the decaying bodies in their midst.  Not that they can really tell anyone.  I mean, no one believes kids, right?  Not about things like this.  Not about much at all, truth be told.

To make matters worse, if the Corpses discover a kid who can see them, then that kid meets with an unfortunate “accident.”

So these “Seers” can’t go home.  To do so is to risk the lives of their family.  Instead, they must disappear, become runaways in the streets of Philadelphia.  There, they have found one another and banded together to form the Undertakers.  Their numbers are still small, their weapons meager.  But they’re the flies in the invaders’ ointment, the ghosts in the machine, the one variable that the Corpses, for all their ruthless organization, can’t quite manage to contain.

The war the Undertakers fight is guerilla.  It has to be. But it’s a war nonetheless.

And it’s into this bizarre underworld that our hero, twelve-year-old Will Ritter, finds himself thrust.

So it begins… :)


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