March 30, 2018

Blog Tour: The Trail Rules by Melanie Hooyenga – Guest Post and Giveaway


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Junior year’s looking up for sixteen-year old Mike. Her new BFF isn’t a sadistic control freak, her boyfriend adores her, and she’s learning to bike in the mountains without decapitating herself on a tree.

Well, almost.

When she meets a group of riders who welcome her into their pack, she feels like she’s finally found where she belongs. One particular rider—a boy with an amazing smile and an even more amazing ability to see what she’s truly capable of—gives her the confidence to go after what she wants: her own life with her own rules.

There’s only one problem—he’s not her boyfriend.

Just as things seem to be falling into place, her parents put on the pressure to figure out her future—one that doesn’t include riding. Mike soon realizes that having everything isn’t that great when she’s not the one choosing it. She needs to decide if she’s going to continue to be a follower or step out of the shadows and find her own trail.

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Why You’ll Love This Book


As writers, it sometimes feels weird to tell people WHY they’ll love our book. Sure, we spend hours telling readers ABOUT our books, but it’s easier to leave the accolades to reviewers and other writers. That said, I do think you’ll love The Trail Rules, and here’s why.

Swoony kisses

We first met Mikayla, who goes by Mike, in the first book of the series, The Slope Rules, and at the start of The Trail Rules she’s finally gotten everything she wants. She’s with Evan, the boy she’s always liked, her best friend genuinely cares about her well being, and she’s learning to mountain bike, something she didn’t expect to love. But her feelings for Evan start to change she can’t stop thinking about a new friend, Mica. I don’t want to give too much away, but Mica is outdoorsy and down-to-earth, two qualities I love in a partner. And he’s funny and gives Mike space to be her own person.

While Mike and Mica are the main story, other swoon-worthy boys include: Blake, Evan, Andy, Kurt, and Topher.

Muddy boys

Yes, this ties into the first one, but this IS a romance after all. The first scene in The Trail Rules is on a trail in a Colorado forest, and Mike’s back on the trails every few chapters. She realizes she feels most at peace surrounded by trees and dirt—and it doesn’t help that her new friends think so too. Mica and Topher enter Mike’s life covered from head to toe in mud, and they pretty much stay that way. (Except for when Mica gets cleaned up and…. ooh la la… see the first section…)

Figuring out who you are

While Mike’s having fun mountain biking with cute boys and her awesome female friends, she’s dealing with pressure at home to buckle down and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life, and she can’t help but worry about her former BFF Brianna, even though she knows she’s better off leaving Brianna in the past. Her new friends teach her how to trust again, and as she becomes a better rider, she figures out how to follow her own instincts and make her own way in the world.


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