August 10, 2017

Blog Tour: The Third Kiss by Kat Colmer – Interview and Giveaway


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The Third Kiss by Kat Colmer

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Love curses don’t exist. At least that’s what Jonas, master of the meaningless hookup, tells himself when a letter warns him he’s an Eros Guardian cursed to endure a test of true love or forever be alone. His levelheaded longtime friend Cora figures it’s a revenge prank by an ex. The way Jonas stamps each girlfriend with a weeklong use-by date, it serves him right.

But when an impulsive kiss between the two friends reveals potential for more, Cora becomes the target of the Groth Maar: demons sent to wipe out the Eros Guardian line. And suddenly the curse becomes dangerously real.

Breaking the curse means Jonas’s biggest challenge yet. Failure guarantees Cora’s death. But success may cost him his own life…and the loss of his carefully guarded heart to the one girl far too sensible to fall for him.

The Third Kiss (Love’s Mortal Coil #1)
by Kat Colmer
Publication Date: August 7, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Teen

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Thanks so much for taking the time and spending time with us here at Chapter by Chapter!

Thanks a million for having me over! Throw your questions my way. I’ll do my best to catch them.



Describe your book in 140 characters or less (like a Tweet)

Cursed to endure a test of true love, relationship phobic Jonas doesn’t much care…until a kiss with girl-next-door Cora makes him want to slay all her demons.


What was your inspiration for writing this book?  Was it in a dream? A thought while taking a walk?

The inspiration for The Third Kiss came from an unusual place, namely the Old Testament, in particular a tragic story in which King David’s beautiful daughter Tamar is shamed and cast out of her father’s palace, all because her half brother Amnon felt she was his for the taking. The disgraced Tamar goes mad thanks to the ordeal. This got me to thinking… What if she didn’t go mad? What if she got mad instead? Suddenly, a very different ending to Tamar’s story took shape in my mind, one where she sought out the help of a sorcerer to curse Amnon’s descendants so they would suffer the same fate as her. And so Love’s Mortal Coil was born: a curse to endure a test of true love or forever be alone. A curse passed down to Jonas, the relationship phobic hero of The Third Kiss.



Tell us about the main character(s).

Jonas’s character formed in my mind first. The guy has inadvertently earned himself a bit of a reputation as a ladies’ man, but don’t judge him just yet; he’s got his reasons. Having lost both his parents at age twelve, Jonas is fiercely loyal to his twin sister, Beth, and his aunt Helena. He comes across as one of those life-of-the-party kind of people. Sociable, likable, the type of guy everyone knows or wants to know. But underneath the easy going façade he’s petrified to allow anyone close.


Cora is Jonas’s levelheaded scientifically minded friend and neighbor who has returned home after a year in Manhattan with her mother. She’s determined to focus on the medical science degree she’s about to start, and has no time for distractions, especially ones that come in the form of the cute guy next door, the very guy she shared an unplanned kiss with before she left Sydney the previous year. She values Jonas’s friendship and loves his company, but witnessing the pain of her parents’ recent divorce has made her super wary of anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “commitment”. And yet, the two of them are perfect for one another!



Do you have a favorite quote or specific part in the book that you really love?

My favorite part from the book has to be the gazebo scene in chapter sixteen. It’s the first kiss in the book between Jonas and Cora, but it’s also the third, and pivotal, kiss for Jonas, the kiss that starts all of the hellish trouble. This scene won the Romance Writers of Australia First Kiss competition back in 2014, and to this day, I love the verbal and emotional push and pull between Jonas and Cora in this part of the story. Here’s a tiny excerpt:


The light disappeared. And with it the space between us. His lips came down on mine. Hard. Near desperate. My eyes slid shut, pushing all other senses wide open: the slide of his tongue, hot breath on my too-tight skin. The scent of him surrounded me, all freshly cut grass and licorice.



Was there a specific part in the book that you had an especially difficult time writing?  If so, why?

Yes! The Tae Kwon Do scenes. I know next to nothing about martial arts. So what do I do? I go and write a 100-thousand-word novel featuring multiple martial arts fight scenes. Not the smartest of moves. But being a librarian, I’m pretty good at research, and so I spent hours reading about Tae Kwon Do, watching videos of different techniques and sparring sequences, as well as speaking with people who actually know something about martial arts.



What sort of projects do you have going on right now?  Any new books coming out?

At the moment I’m furiously writing the second book in the Love’s Mortal Coil series. I also have an upper YA contemporary romance I’m working on, plus there’s a list of about eight different YA story ideas I’m itching to get started on, but they’ll have to wait.



It was great having you on the blog today!  We hope you’ll decide to stop by again someday, and we wish you much success!!

Thank you for having me!




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