July 28, 2016

Blog Tour: The Telling by Alexandra Sirowy – Guest Post and Giveaway

THE TELLING Blog Tour With Dates


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Lana used to know what was real.
That was before when her life was small and quiet.
Her golden step-brother, Ben, was alive, she could only dream about bonfiring with the populars, their wooded island home was idyllic, she could tell the truth from lies, and Ben’s childhood stories were firmly in her imagination.
Then came after.
After has Lana boldly kissing her crush, jumping into the water from too high up, and living with nerve and mischief. But after also has horrors, deaths that only make sense in fairy tales, and terrors from a past Lana thought long forgotten: Love, blood, and murder.
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My love of ensemble casts runs deep. As a kid I watched and re-watched The Goonies and the Princess Bride, their dynamic, indomitable, plucky, and adventurous characters irresistible to me. My favorite book was LITTLE WOMEN, the interplay between the sisters taut and emotional.Stakes are high in a thriller and there are no higher stakes than fighting to keep the ones you love alive. When I set out to write THE TELLING I wanted to give protagonist Lana friends and family she’d walk into battle for and the book well-developed secondary characters who are indispensable to the plot and enrich the mystery.

I think there’s no better way to introduce THE TELLING and prepare for its August 2nd release then by introducing you to Lana, Ben, Carolynn, Willa, Becca, Josh, Duncan, and Rusty. These eight soon-to-be high school seniors live on Gant Island, a seemingly idyllic place in Washington State’s Puget Sound. It’s summertime and there’s something dark and twisted afoot.

In today’s post you’ll meet four characters; the other four were introduced yesterday at Curling Up With A Good Book (


“Ben had imagination for days. Perhaps more than imagination, Ben could play the shadows. He knew what words to use to make you laugh; he knew ten more to make you scream.” THE TELLING

Rundown: Lana’s recently departed step-brother. Ben’s mom married Lana’s dad when they were little kids. Ben showed up, gripping a cat carrier with a hissing tabby to shield him. He was two years older than ten-year-old Lana, but he was infinitely more afraid. Both Lana and Ben were survivors of things they’d rather not talk about. Instead of crying over what they couldn’t change, they reinvented themselves as two kids who only needed each other. They had secret messages, blanket forts, afternoons sailing, adventures exploring Gant Island, evenings playing scrabble on the terrace, and above all else, they had their stories. No matter the villains or plot, Ben always cast Lana and himself as the heroes. Lana was the warrior, bloody knuckled after every fight. Ben’s fictive self defeated beasts. Lana doesn’t know where the inspiration for Ben’s stories came from, but she starts to suspect that her survival may depend on the answer.

Personal Motto: Live with nerve and mischief.

Signature Summer Adventure: Sailing on the indigo waters of the sound in the Mira with Lana.

Favorite Spot on Gant Island: Lost in the woods or diving to touch the bottom of Swisher Spring.


“Becca grew dewy-eyed and told me, ‘I think people can die from broken hearts.’ Becca got it.” THE TELLING

Rundown: Becca lives down the street from Lana, and before the sixth grade they were friends. But in middle school Lana hung out with brainy, kind Willa and Becca became tight with the popular girls, a not-so-nice bunch who called Lana names. This summer Lana has fallen back in with Becca like there’s no conspicuous gap in their friendship – an arrangement that Willa can’t understand. Becca is bubbly and her smile infectious, but Becca’s keeping secrets, ones Lana isn’t going to like.

Personal Motto: Don’t make me blacklist you. Or, to whatever song is playing, This is my anthem!

Signature Summer Adventure: Drinking summer shandies, speaking in a fake (and bad) British accent, and showing off her swimsuit on the beach.

Favorite Spot on Gant Island: Wherever her friends are – bonfiring on the beach, mixing drinks at a house party, or in her best friend Carolynn’s bedroom, painting her twin toy schnauzers’ nails.


“I don’t know how it started, but the core is always joking about how much Rusty Harper loves himself. What would have made other guys outcasts made Rusty a comic hero. He plays right along. He even had Rusty Pipe printed on his baseball uniform.” THE TELLING

Rundown: Rusty, Duncan, and Josh have been inseparable since as long as Lana can remember. People are always buzzing about some testosterone-fueled misadventure they’ve gotten into. Rusty has his friends’ backs – no matter what. He’s a clown with a big heart – and an even bigger mouth.

Personal Motto: There’s no I in team sports.

Signature Summer Adventure: Training camp with the baseball team.

Favorite Spot on Gant Island: The baseball diamond at Gant Island High School.


“Willa is usually like the heroines of the mysteries she watches on PBS. Steady gaze, cool calculating mind two steps ahead, a snappy comeback that strikes the antagonist between the eyes ten minutes after she leaves the room and they belatedly grasp her true meaning.” THE TELLING

Rundown: Willa is Lana’s best friend. She’s a ride or die type of girl, and she’s been there for Lana even more since Ben’s death. This summer has changed things, though. Lana’s been talking less and less about their eight semester plan to go off to college and get away from the privilege and attitude of Gant Island. She’s trying to distract herself from her grief and Willa’s been game for most of these adventures. But when Lana sets out to solve the mysteries stacking up on Gant the week before senior year, the two friends drift apart. In the end, Willa is still one of the only people Lana can trust.

Personal Motto: Rosalind-effing-Franklin!

Signature Summer Adventure: Getting a jump on her AP reading lists before classes start.Favorite Spot on Gant Island: A tossup between the school library, which her vice principal mom unlocks for her, and the table by the window at Marmalade’s Cafe because it’s quiet, has great study light, and coffee is just at the counter.


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  1. Veronica Vasquez

    I want to read this book because it sounds absolutely amazing! It sounds creepy and good, and that’s my favorite kind of book!

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    Thanks for this chance!

  4. Dominique Cobb

    Id like to read this book because it looks suspenseful and I love those kinds of books!

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    Dark, twisted and creepy is right up my alley! I’m really looking forward to this one!

  6. I can’t wait to read this book!!! I just read The Creeping last month and LOVED it. I can’t wait to see what else this author has up her sleeve :)

  7. Edye

    Because the cover is nice.

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    Def in the mood for a dark, creepy tale!

  9. Summer

    The author’s descriptions of the characters sound like people I want to read about.

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    Because the cover is captivating! I know it says to never judge a book by its cover, but I do and this one looks good!

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    Thanks so much for choosing me to win!! I was hoping i would. The book looks/sounds great.

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