October 11, 2016

Blog Tour: The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay by Aoife Lennon-Ritche – Guest Post and Giveaway



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The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay
by Aoife Lennon-Ritchie

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We are happy to share a deleted scene for you today!

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This winter, siblings Ruairi and Dani Miller visit their ancestral homeland: the legendary Viking island of Yondersaay. Even with Granny Miller’s storytelling to pass the time, the pair manage to find trouble. In less than twenty-four hours of their arrival, Ruairi is mistaken for the lost Boy King of Denmark, kidnapped by Vikings, and scheduled to be sacrificed at sundown. Granny isn’t very pleased.

But when everyone except them goes Viking, the three turn to Granny’s epic tales of the legends of Yondersaay, The Gifts of Odin, and King Dudo the Mightily Impressive for clues. But not all stories end happily, and Ruari, Dani, and Granny will have to write their own happy ending.

The Princess Bride meets Vikings in this enchanted tale of high adventure, buried treasure, villainous treachery, violent ends, and – of course – true love. Aoife Lennon-Ritchie’s debut middle grade novel, THE EXTREMELY EPIC VIKING TALE OF YONDERSAAY, is a humorous and heartwarming story for readers ages 9+.

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The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay
by Aoife Lennon-Ritchie
Publication Date: October 11, 2016
Publisher: Tantrum Books

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Hi there,

Here’s a scene that was taken out of my book The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay. Hope you like it!


Deleted Scene

“I feel it in the marrow of my bones. And the oracle confirmed it on Friday. The Red King of Denmark will come back to the island. According to her divine psychic-ness, the oracle, it will either be soon or very soon. And when he comes we will know who he is, for he will have copper hair and eyes of the sparkliest greeny-blue-gray.”



“Do you think she might be convinced to be a tad more specific?”

“What were you expecting? A name and address? The date of his arrival?”

“Yeah, kind of. Twisted of the gods to be so hazy with the details, since they’re all-knowing and all. Also, he’s a ginger with blue or gray or green eyes? She couldn’t narrow that down a bit?”

“What are you implying?”

“It’s not very scientific, this ‘communing.’”

“That’s enough out of you and your ‘air quotes’. Back to work with the metal detector.”

“If you say so.”

“I do say so. Now. Where was I? Oh, yes. When the Boy King of Denmark breaks through the island’s enchanted barriers, soon, or very soon, and sets forth on his quest to besiege the island and claim her treasures, I will kill him. First, I will torture him until he is an inch from death. Then I will kill him. Until he is dead.

“I will literally tear the skin from his bones. I will set his oozing flesh aflame and cast it asunder. And when all that remains is a film of filth and ash, I will fling his remnants upon the wind, I will trample them into the blood-sodden earth, and I will churn them into the violent waves of our tumultuous sea.”

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