September 25, 2015

Blog Tour Schedule: Barren by Elizabeth Miceli presented by Swoon Romance



We are happy to announce the blog tour schedule for the 

Barren by Elizabeth Miceli

presented by Swoon Romance
and hosted by Chapter by Chapter!

This tour will run from October 5-16, 2015.




Week 1:

October 5, 2015                Liz Gavin’s Blog – Guest Post

October 5, 2015                FictionZeal – Spotlight/Promo

October 6, 2015               MommaBears Book Blog – Guest Post

October 6, 2015               Coffee Books & Art – Spotlight

October 7, 2015                The Avid Book Collector – Guest Post

October 7, 2015                Driftless – Guest Post

October 7, 2015                Diana’s Book Review Blog – Guest Post

October 8, 2015                Bitches n Prose – Spotlight/Promo

October 8, 2015                Crystal’s Chaotic Confessions – Spotlight/Promo

October 8, 2015                Don’t Judge, Read – Spotlight

October 9, 2015                Book Lovers Life – Guest Post

October 9, 2015                Kelly P’s Blog – Guest Post


Week 2:

October 12, 2015              A Dream Within A Dream – Spotlight/Promo

October 13, 2015              A Book Addict’s Bookshelves – Spotlight/Promo

October 13, 2015              Her Book Thoughts! – Guest Post

October 14, 2015              BooksChatter – Interview

October 14, 2015              Reader Girls – Guest Post

October 15, 2015              Lekeisha The Booknerd – Review

October 16, 2015              S.L Book Reviews – Review

October 16, 2015              Book-Keeping – Guest Post

October 16, 2015              Alpha Book Club – Spotlight/Promo




Recommended for ages 16+. Includes scenes that depict drug use, teen sex, and sexual assault.

This book contains mature content and depiction of a seventeen-year-old girl’s rape at the hands of another student. It is a chilling first person point of view account of something that occurs across the country at parties just like the one depicted in this story, and we wanted the fictional account to feel raw and as devastating. We also understand that these scenes may be difficult and uncomfortable for some. We recommend this novel for readers ages sixteen and older.

“I cried, praying for him to finish. I closed my eyes and tried to envision myself somewhere else… somewhere where I was happy. I thought of my family all piled around our tree on Christmas morning. I thought of singing with my band. I thought of Caitlin and me baking cookies and watching movies together. But after just a few seconds of pretending, Mike would hit me or thrust deeper, and I would be back in reality. I was being raped. I was all alone. I was a damsel in distress. And there was no one there to save me.”

Seventeen-year-old Stacey Lorenzo’s poor self-esteem has always consumed her. When significant weight loss leaves her still feeling powerless and with an eating disorder, she turns to partying to cope. Things go from bad ot worse when she is raped, a crushing blow to her psyche from which she may not recover. Stacey drugs, cuts, and hooks up with countless guys in an attempt to dull the pain. But if Stacey doesn’t find a way to face her demons and overcome her fears, she might find herself in a hole so dark, even love won’t be able to pull her out.

Barren is written by debut author Elizabeth Miceli. It is a devastating and dark account of one girl’s plummet to the very bottom of the human experience and the horrific and petrifying road to recovery and self-worth.

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Barren by Elizabeth Miceli
Publication Date:  October 6, 2015
Publisher:  Swoon Romance


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