June 19, 2014

Blog Tour: S.M. Boyce’s Bundles of Souls with Giveaway

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I would like to take you on an adventure.

This one is fun. Exciting. It’s a break from the hum-drum of life. I think you’ll enjoy it.

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I’m S. M. Boyce, a fantasy and paranormal author with a knack for finding adventure and magic. This month, I’m taking my new Grimoire Saga Box Set on tour, and I’m going to some of the BEST blogs on the internet. I hand-picked the hosts for this tour. I count myself blessed that Mary Ann is joining this journey and adding Chapter by Chapter to the caravan of awesome celebrating my Grimoire Saga.

This tour is going to be different and really fun. I hope you join us for this twist on typical blog tours.

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The Adventure

From betrayal to seduction, romance to murder—the Grimoire Saga has it all. This series is the perfect summer escape into a land of magic, talking books, discovery, fun, and adventure.

As promised, this tour is a goldmine of activity. I love it when there’s LOADS going on, so here’s a list of all the fun:

Bundles! Today, we’re celebrating the release of the Grimoire Saga Box Set, which has books 1 – 3 and a preorder discount for book 4, the series finale, which comes out this fall.

Discounts! To start, I’m pretty much giving the box set away. Regularly, this set is $6.99. But until June 30, I’m knocking it down to 99c. So this is the best time there will ever be to discover the Grimoire Saga for yourself and get lost in the world of Ourea.

Exclusive Giveaway! Mary Ann got full range of my store, and she picked something kickass for you. She chose a Sterling Silver and Natural Onyx pendant, which I’m proud to say I made myself (I don’t sit idle for very long, must say). This special giveaway available ONLY to the fabulous Chapter by Chapter readers. You can enter below to win.

ANOTHER Giveaway! Love the way paperbacks bend in your hand when you read them? You can enter the Goodreads Giveaway to get a signed paperback copy of Lichgates. Enter that by going here.

Instant winner! Had enough awesome yet? Too bad, because here’s another freebie. You can get the eBook copy of Lichgates (Grimoire Saga #1) absolutely free. I recommend you get the box set for the best price on all the books, but I wanted you to know about this anyway. Enjoy!

Get your copy of LichgatesAmazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Add to Goodreads

Explore the rest of the Bundles of Soul Tour. Take a look at the other fantastic bloggers who have teamed up to bring the magic of the Grimoire Saga to life. See the full calendar here.

The Grimoire Saga Box Set:

Grimoire Saga Box Set

The Bundle of Souls tour celebrates the release of my box set, which features the first three books of the Grimoire Saga AND a discount code for 25% off the preorder of Illusion, the fourth and final book of the series.

Hell yeah! If you want to go ahead and preorder Illusion (Grimoire Saga #4), you can order here and get your copy before the rest of the world.

The Book Description:

This collection contains the first three novels in the Grimoire Saga, as well as a special preorder discount for the series finale, Illusion.

Experience the haunting world of Ourea from the beginning as Kara Magari uncovers a secret door in the middle of the forest—a portal that transports her to Ourea, the hidden world full of terrifying things. This epic series challenges traditional notions of good and evil, pits monsters against each other, unravels the secrets of magic, and showcases the power buried within us all.

From betrayal to seduction, romance to murder—the Grimoire Saga has it all.

This set includes:

  • Lichgates: Grimoire Saga #1
  • Treason: Grimoire Saga #2
  • Heritage: Grimoire Saga #3

Also included:

An exclusive preorder discount code for the final book, Illusion: Grimoire Saga #4. Illusion releases November 3, 2014. Sign up here for release notifications for Boyce’s work.

Available at these retailers:

Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Kobo



Onyx Pendant 2

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  1. Judy Thomas

    I love the covers of these books!

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    I really like how authors are doing box sets for their box on Amazon. I’ll definitely be reading this one.

  3. Joseph Hawkshaw

    Covers looks real cool they all look like very good books.

  4. melissa cushing

    I love the sound of this fabulous giveaway and book post and synopsis! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary Preston

    I love having a full set to indulge in.

  6. Sherry Hoernig

    Kids Movies Rock!!!! And so does BOYCE!!!! I loved the behind the scenes video. It was really cool learning some little things about you…..

  7. S. M. Boyce

    Thanks, Sherry!

  8. Viki S.

    This does look like a nice collection for summer reading. Thank you.

  9. sherry fundin

    I love when I have the next book in the series and I love it even more when I have the whole set. These sound like some great books.

  10. Len D.

    Sounds interesting!

  11. Nikki J.

    I love reading the first two books. Awesome covers to go with them too. Looking forward to completing the set. Great prize…

  12. Donna Knight

    I love this giveaway. Not only are the book awesome but the necklace is so pretty. <3

  13. Lori Hopkins

    I really want to read this!

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    The series has amazing covers, great video and thank you for the giveaway!!!

  15. Sabine

    Love to read… What a great prize, thank you for the chance!

  16. Anne Marie Carter

    It would be wonderful to have this series of books. I hate it when I have to look for other books in a series, or I end up reading a later book from the series instead of the first one.

  17. S. M. Boyce

    You are SO AWESOME for hosting me. I enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to loads more adventure and fun in the future. You rock!

  18. bn100

    Interesting set

  19. Laura Johnson

    Snagged the bundle, and my–isn’t that pendant just gorgeous???

  20. Michelle Willms

    This is such an outstanding giveaway for a wonderful series. This author is so kind to feature so many giveaways. Thank you for hosting this on your site.

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    This set looks so cool.

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    I am loving all the Grimoire Saga related swag especially these beautiful pendants :D

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