August 5, 2019

Blog Tour: Paradox Hunt by Dee Garretson – Guest Post and Giveaway

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Paradox Hunt by Dee Garretson

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We have Dee on the blog today sharing some writing tips.

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The galaxy is on the brink of chaos. Earth has grown repressive over the centuries, touting democratic principles while ruling with an iron fist.
Sixteen-year-old Quinn Neen has discovered the truth behind the façade of Earth’s stronghold on the galaxy, and he’s determined not to become part of the elite who allow the horrors to continue.
Centuries earlier, Earth secretly annihilated an empire on the distant planet of Fosaan. Unbeknownst to most, some of the ruling family survived. Ansun, a descendant of Fosaan’s last emperor, wants to destroy Earth’s hold on the galaxy and bring his planet back to formidable power. But Ansun intends to rule with the same ruthlessness of past Fosaanian leaders, something Earth will not allow. So to enhance his small military force, Ansun’s stolen some of Earth’s most valuable tech, powerful robots with a breakthrough version of artificial intelligence. If he gets the chance to use it, he should be able to render Earth’s military useless.
Quinn is firmly caught in the middle of the conflict when he befriends Ansun’s niece Mira. Under different circumstances, Quinn and Mira might have become a real couple, if they’d only had time together to get to know each other. But now, Mira’s allegiance to the Fosaanian people must come first.

Paradox Hunt (Torch World #3)
by Dee Garretson
Publication Date: August 6, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

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Top 10 Writing Tips for Aspiring Writer

  1. Go to a bookstore or go online and read the descriptions of books in your genre. Which ones appeal to you? Keep track of them because you’re going to need them for tip 2.
  2. Write a description (one or two paragraphs) of a new story even before you start it, or if you have already started it, before you finish. Write it like a back cover blurb setting up the story, the characters and the conflict but not the resolution. Does it sound interesting enough so that if someone picked up your book in a bookstore and read it, would they buy it? If you are afraid they wouldn’t, add something to the character or the plot that gives it a hook.
  3. Write a character description of one paragraph for your character, listing their likes, dislikes, hopes and fears. What is unique about them? They don’t have to be unusual but make them memorable. Give them an interesting hobby, an unusual goal, etc.
  4. Do a close read of a few current popular books in your genre. By close read I mean study the author’s techniques. How much dialogue is there in comparison to description? What made you keep reading? What stood out in the story?
  5. Read your writing aloud. Do you stumble over any of the dialogue? Do you have any sentences that read all right on paper but sound clunky when spoken aloud?
  6. The tension in your story needs to build to keep the reader engaged and turning the pages. Can you list the plot incidents that rachet up the tension?
  7. Every character in a story should want something, even the secondary characters. If your secondary characters are just there to impart information, rethink them and give them more depth.
  8. Ignore people who tell you real writers write every day, or that you shouldn’t stop and edit your story as you go. Find a method that works for you.
  9. Learn to take criticism and listen to suggestions even if you don’t follow all of them. Every published writer gets critiqued and the story in your head may not be down on paper in a way that is as clear to your readers as it is to you.
  10. Practice, practice, practice like you would if you were a musician or an athlete or a dancer or any doing another activity that requires dedication to become proficient. Good writing is a skill you aren’t born with. Talent is just one part of getting published.
  11. And an extra tip just because-Help out other writers in any way you can. If you give to the writing community, they’ll give back.

Dee Garretson writes for many different age groups, including chapter books, middle grade, young adult and adult fiction. She lives in Ohio with her family, and in true writer tradition, has cat companions who oversee her daily word count. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel, watch old movies, and attempt various kinds of drawing, jewelry-making, and other artistic pursuits.
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