February 8, 2019

Blog Tour: Not Far from the Peach Tree by Sabrina Falk – Guest Post and Giveaway

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Not Far from the Peach Tree by Sabrina Falk

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We have Sabrina on the blog today discussing her Road to Publication.

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Anxiety has become the only thing Abigail Hartley can count on. Jobless, dreamless, loveless and stuck living with her parents—this isn’t the 22 she had in mind.

But when tragic news rattles the Hartley household and years of secrecy begin to surface, Abigail can no longer hide behind her fears. She joins forces with her sarcastic, pre-teen sister and heads to the only place that might have the answers she’s looking for. One month in Georgia is all it takes to change everything Abigail knows about, well, everything.

Not Far from the Peach Tree by Sabrina Falk
Publication Date: February 1, 2019
Publisher: Peasantry Press

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I think there’s a perception that once you’re done writing your novel, then BAM there’ll be a lineup of people around the block just itching to publish it. But that’s simply (and unfortunately) not the case. The average literary agent/publishing house will get 1500+ submissions a year, which means it takes a lot of effort to be noticed in the sea of authors floating around out there.

My journey involved a lot of testing the waters. I would try to evaluate my manuscript’s readiness by querying about 2-5 literary agents to see their response.

*What is querying you ask? Good question. Make a list of all the literary agents or publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts. They can be very specific about what they’re looking for (genre/style), so make sure you’re actually what they want. Then, follow their submission guidelines. Generally speaking, you write 2-3 brief paragraphs trying to hook them on your book concept, then a bio and possibly (if requested) a sample of your work.*

I would usually just get flat-out rejected, but sometimes even in their rejection letter they hinted at things they liked or would’ve liked to see changed. Other times they were interested and asked for follow-up information or a sample work… and then they rejected me. It’s not fun at all, but it was a helpful way to gauge how much work I still needed to do. As I kept editing and querying their responses became more positive, which indicated that I was on the right track.

I also found it helpful to bring people in during this process, because it’s difficult to see your own shortcomings as a writer. Fresh eyes! I brought in an editor who thoroughly revised areas of my manuscript that weren’t as marketable for literary agents—which can be a potential hangup when they’re considering your work. If they don’t feel they can sell it, they’re not going to sign you.

You can even hire editors who will just revise your query letter for you. It’s a more affordable option than a full manuscript edit and it helps ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. Querying requires a different writing skillset and if it’s not your forte, this may be a helpful option.

In my case, it took about a year of querying off and on before I landed a publisher. The day I finally got an acceptance email was UNREAL! Such a satisfying day for any wannabe author.

After the contracts were signed, it was a bit of a waiting game again. But that’s to be expected. You’ll likely have to do more editing too. Eventually though, you get to move onto some fun stuff like cover design, author bio and taking your spiffy headshots.

It can take months or even years before your book is actually a book. But when I finally got my advance review copy, I was giddy beyond belief!

Then come the reviews. It’s a strange feeling to send your story out for criticism, but I kept reminding myself that not everyone likes everything and that’s A-OK. You just pick the best lines and plaster them on everything—any legitimacy you can get is a good thing.

There are many roads to publication, each with its own pros and cons. This was just mine. But I  hope that no matter what road your journeying, that you too will get to hold that beautiful book in your hands someday soon.

Sabrina Falk is a Canadian Writer from Southern Manitoba. She received an English Language Arts scholarship at NCI in her graduating year. She is also the co-creator of Matt Falk’s Awful Podcast and played Melissa in the World Vision tour of POOF across Manitoba. She loves traveling all over the world with her family, but Southern Manitoba has always been her home.

Not Far from the Peach Tree is Sabrina Falk’s debut novel.

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  1. Ethan

    It is crazy to see how much work goes into bringing a book to the public. I would have thought writing it would be the hard part, but it seems that is just the beginning of a long battle!

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