February 24, 2016

Blog Tour: Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor – Review

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Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor!


We asked Janet:


Into the Dim takes the reader back to the twelfth century in the time of Eleanor of
Aquitaine. Can you tell us about the research that went into your writing process?

I have always been a huge history nerd. Yep, I’m one of those annoying American Anglophiles, who are totally fascinated by those cool (sometimes nutso) British kings and queens. I also travel a lot, so much of the historical research was done on location, which was amazing! I even spent a couple of nights at Fontevraud Abbey in the South of France, where Eleanor spent her last few years, and where she, Henry II, and their son Richard the Lionheart are buried.

The Sci-Fi part wasn’t quite as fun. Can’t really travel through a wormhole yet…YET…But it was still really cool. I researched of articles and papers by noted physicists like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Micho Kaku; all who believe there is some relevance to the theory of time travel.




Blog Tour:  Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor – Review

“Seventy-two hours, then we have to be back at the clearing. Sunrise on the third day.”

Being “the homeschooled girl,” in a small town, Hope Walton’s crippling phobias and photographic memory don’t help her fit in with her adoptive dad’s perfectly blonde Southern family. But when her mother is killed in a natural disaster thousands of miles from home, Hope’s secluded world crumbles. After an aunt she’s never met invites her to spend the summer in Scotland, Hope discovers that her mother was more than a brilliant academic. She’s a member of a secret society of time travelers, and is actually trapped in the twelfth century in the age of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Now Hope must conquer her numerous fears and travel back in time to help rescue her mother before she’s lost for good. Along the way, she’ll discover more family secrets, and a mysterious boy who could be vital to setting her mother free… or the key to Hope’s undoing.

Addictive, romantic, and rich with historical detail, Into the Dim is an Outlander for teens.

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Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor
Published by: HMH Books for Young Readers  on March 1, 2016


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MaryAnn-2015Imagine a world where you would have the ability to travel back in time to a century where kings and queens still ruled, and where it was still common to keep your enemies close to you in your court. Where any changes in history can affect the present we know or a future we may not know about yet.

For Hope Walton, this is a reality. Shortly after burying an empty casket that should have contained her mother, who was killed in a devastating earthquake in another country, everything starts to fall apart around her. Her father (adoptive), who is now with another woman (after only six months!!), drops that bomb that she will no longer be home schooled and will now be attending school, and she will be spending time with her mother’s side of the family in Scotland while he goes on a trip… (wow…) It was either that, or stay with her grandmother who can’t stand her. So not only does she have to meet these family members, she must travel by plane, which Hope has a very difficult time with as she has a severe case of claustrophobia.

But it’s not as terrible as she thought it would be. Beautiful outdoor scenery, a family that she gets along with, and strange boy that she happens upon while riding her horse. Sure he almost has an unfortunate incident of falling off his horse and getting really hurt, but hey, cute boy!

But her first meeting with her mother’s sister (aka her aunt) is the icing on the cake. Where she thought that her family was just into dressing up in clothes from various centuries, ends up being something totally different. Hope finds out that her whole family are actually time travellers, including her mother. And here’s the kicker…her mother is most certainly not dead, but rather stuck in the twelfth century and has left clues in old items asking for help. Hope and family members go on a mission to track down her mother and bring her back to the present. The twist? They only have 72 hours to get back to the dim, or risk being stuck in the twelfth century forever. Dun dun dunnnnnnn….

Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor was a very enjoyable read! The world building in both the present and the past were done so well that I could easily picture the two different worlds. The characters all had their own personalities, and were all equally memorable. Not only did I enjoy the main characters in the book, but I absolutely adored the character/portrayal of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Strong. Fierce. Definitely a woman that women everywhere would enjoy reading about.

An element in the book that I did enjoy was the “do I trust him, do I not trust him” aspect of the story. I will admit freely that my thoughts flipped back and forth when it came to this certain “mysterious boy”.

What I had some trouble with were a couple of things. First, Hope’s father. WTF man? Seriously? It’s only been six months dude…and then you go and plan a trip and ditch your daughter? For real? And the mother? I can’t giveaway too much about the mother, but really? Ughhhhhh!

Just a few minor things, but overall, Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor was truly an addictive read that had me wanting to run to the historical reads section of the bookstore and buy more books set many centuries ago. Fans of time travel books will really find this book intriguing and will really enjoy being completely enveloped in the twelfth century and witness the power of a strong woman with a heart of gold, and a young girl who learns about sacrifice and undying love.


About Janet B. Taylor

Janet Taylor lives in such a small town in Arkansas that if you happen to sneeze when you pass by, you'll totally miss it. (Cause, you know, you can't sneeze with your eyes open. For real--try it--it's impossible)

Her debut novel, INTO THE DIM (coming 3/1/2016 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is about a 16 year old girl who travels through time. Totally on purpose and stuff.

She's a reader/fan first and a writer second. She lives with her fantastic husband, two hilarious sons, and Dorda the diabetic dog who won't win any beauty contests, but has a "nice personality".

She would think you're the coolest thing since AC on a hot day if you'd like her on Facebook. Follow her on Twitter or visit her web site. And if you felt like adding INTO THE DIM to your Want to Read well golly! She'd probably come over to your house and do cart-wheels on your front lawn. (probably)


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