July 10, 2013

Blog Tour: Endure by M.R. Merrick – Review and Giveaway

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Wrapped in darkness and woven with defeat, every action Chase has taken since being exiled from the Circle has been met with a devastating response. Now he’s been burdened with a quest that seems impossible, and he needs to evolve into something more, something greater than he ever thought he could be.

Armed with magic, friendship, and an unbreakable will, Chase must build an army and find a weapon capable of defeating the ultimate evil. But he knows that nothing great comes without sacrifice. Blessed by the very gods who have abandoned him and carrying the fate of all the worlds on his shoulders, Chase Williams is about find out just how much one man can endure.

add to goodreadsEndure (The Protector #4) by M.R. Merrick
Publication Date:  June 5, 2013

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MaryAnn NewI loved this books so much!  Heck, I love this series!  If this series could be made into a movie I would be the happiest girl in the world.  The imagery and the characters are only a couple things that make these books awesome.  Throw in a storyline that will leave readers hooked right to the very end, add in a dash of extremely entertaining dialogue between characters with plot twists that leave your head spinning, and you, my friends, have a recipe for freakin’ awesome.  If you haven’t read any of the books in this series, I wouldn’t suggest continue reading this review as there may be spoilers for you.

Endure by M.R. Merrick is the fourth installment in The Protector series.  We follow the adventure of Chase Williams and his friends as he comes to grips with his amazing powers while dealing with the tragic loss of his best friend, Willy, and his mother.

Chase must traverse through different dimension in order for him to complete his transformation into The Protector…the one who was chosen to save them all.  But with every obstacle that Chase encounters, Chase can always count on the support of his own personal Scooby gang.

Chase must learn how to use his powers gifted to him by the gods while keeping his friends (aka his family) alive.  Through his travels, Chase must also learn to control his temper as he runs into other beings while in other worlds.  Will he make more enemies?  Or will he gain allies which he will need in order to defeat his father, Riley, and the Dark Brothers.

What I loved about author M.R. Merrick’s The Protector series is that the reader is well aware of what the true focus and direction that the story is heading.  But it’s the story within the story that I truly enjoy the most.  For example, Chase must, yet again, help Victor (oh sweet, ridiculously funny/sarcastic Victor) when his own family threatens to destroy all that Victor has been working on…a family he can truly call his own.  Or when Chase is adamant about staying with Tiki through thick and thin and getting through Tiki’s own family issues at his side.

There really is a huge emphasis on the importance of family.  Regardless if it’s the family that you were born into, of a family that has come to accept you for what and who you are.  I absolutely loved that about the book.  The importance of family can be found all throughout the book, which certainly hammered the message home time and time again.

I also loved that FINALLY Chase and Rayna get to explore their feelings for each even further.  No more pussy footing around.  Words are said, feelings are expressed, and I loved every single moment of it.  Sure, there are instances where these two lovebirds still butt heads, but isn’t that what we loved about these two?  I know I did.

The imagery and writing style of M.R. Merrick is one of the reasons that I can’t get enough of this series.  The way in which the scenes, landscapes, dimensions, characters, heck everything, was done so fantastic.  Readers will easily get find themselves completely engrossed in everything that is The Protector series.  Like I said before, if this book/series could be made into a movie, I could totally picture it being magic/adventure/action filled like LoTR, The Hobbit, and yes…Harry Potter!

With a strong leading male, and equally strong supporting cast, fans of adventure and fantasy reads will totally devour this title, as well as the rest of the books in this series.  How would I describe the final installment to this series that is Endure?  Totally and completely EPIC with a side of OMG…



M.R. Merrick is a Canadian writer, and author of Exiled, the first installment in The Protector Series. Having never traveled, he adventures to far off lands through his imagination and in between cups of coffee. As a music lover and proud breakfast enthusiast, he’s usually found at the computer, between a pair of headphones and in front of a large bowl of cereal.

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