April 5, 2016

Blog Tour: Dragonfly by Alyssa Thiessen – Interview and Giveaway



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We are so excited to have Alyssa on the blog today for a quick Q&A.

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Dragonfly Cover


Eighteen-year-old Joshua Miller is great at being invisible, despite the four, large, insect-like wings protruding from his back and his knack for high-rise robberies. He can remember almost nothing of his life before Nik found him and taught him his trade. Now he’s alone, and he likes it that way.

When Joshua unexpectedly meets Lexi on a job, his simple, uncomplicated existence shifts. Although he intends to remain uninvolved, something about her captivates him and he begins to let her in. As he navigates the strange nuances of a relationship with a girl as desperate to be different as he is to be ordinary, he becomes increasingly aware that he is not who he wants to be for her. Confronted by the past he’d forgotten and a family he didn’t know existed, Joshua must decide for himself where he belongs and who holds the key to his future.

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Dragonfly by Alyssa Thiessen
Publication Date: February 6, 2016
Publisher: Peasantry Press

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Thanks so much for taking the time and spending time with us here at Chapter by Chapter!

Thanks for having me here. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to chat with you and to share about my novel.


Describe your book in 140 characters or less (like a Tweet)

Intentionally alone, a winged thief with a forgotten past unexpectedly falls for his target, changing their lives forever.


What was your inspiration for writing this book?  Was it in a dream? A thought while taking a walk?

I’ve known I wanted to write this story for years now, although I thought the main character would have angel-like wings rather than insect wings, and that he would be much more heroic right from the beginning. I’ve imagined his story at least a hundred times. I even wrote it once as a short story when I was much younger. It came from a romantic idea I had as an adolescent, about a beautiful winged stranger rescuing a lonely girl.  Only when I set out to write it in a novel did I realize that I had Joshua pictured wrong. He was no angel. But he was good, even when he didn’t recognize it. The story became more about his transformation and, at it’s heart, about the way love and forgiveness can change a person.


Tell us about the main character(s).

Joshua is both really jaded and kind of innocent. He knows about people – he’s gotten great at studying their patterns and habits, really adept at watching them – but he doesn’t know how to interact with them very well. He’s also pretty lonely, although he doesn’t quite realize he’s lonely until he meets Lexi, until he falls for her. And, of course, I think he’s pretty good looking. Dark, long lashes, that sort of thing.


Do you have a favorite quote or specific part in the book that you really love?

I love the last line of the book, which I won’t quote here because I really don’t want to spoil it. But it took me a while to write that final line, and once I had it, I thought – yeah, that’s it. That’s the way it ends. It just felt right.


Was there a specific part in the book that you had an especially difficult time writing?  If so, why?

There are a couple of scenes where Joshua, the protagonist, witnesses some domestic violence. This was difficult for me because domestic violence is something that, sadly, is such a real part of so many people’s lives. I didn’t want to trivialize it, but I also didn’t want to sensationalize it. It had to be in there, because it is an important catalyst for Joshua’s eventual change, but I didn’t enjoy writing those scenes. They were necessary, but hard.


What sort of projects do you have going on right now? Any new books coming out?

My next novel, a YA science fiction, is in the last stages with the publisher. It’s entitled Infusion and should be out within a few months. I love that one because it’s got a really strong female lead and it has a ton of action. Looking forward to seeing it in print.


It was great having you on the blog today!  We hope you’ll decide to stop by again someday, and we wish you much success!!

Thanks so much for having me! It was a pleasure chatting with you. I’m hoping people love reading Dragonfly as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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  1. Nikolina

    Enjoyed reading your interview, thank you!

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    Very interesting cover!

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    I like unusual books and this sounds like one. So you had angel in mind but what made you think dragonfly?

  4. Stephanie

    I don’t usually read books from male pov’s. But this is an interesting concept.

  5. Edye

    Sounds like a great book!

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    It is a real possibility for me to read this book. Although the book is YA. Dragonfly looks good.

  7. Mary Preston

    I want to know more about how he is not detected.

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    Lexi and Joshua are an interesting couple. I can’t wait to read their story!

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    The premise of the book seems really…interesting. Can’t wait to dive in!

  10. Julie Bickham

    Looks like a interesting story. I look forward to reading it.

  11. Mai T.

    Question to the author: What song would you say best sums you up?

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    This looks great! Do u listen to music while writing?

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    Such a fascinating blurb…I look forward to reading more. Thanks for the post.

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