December 13, 2012

Blog Tour: Destined by Ali Cross – Interview, Desi`s Bio and EPIC G!veaway


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Destined (Desolation #3) by Ali Cross

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We’re so thrilled to have Ali stop by the blog and share with us some of her
Top Fav’s!  We’re also sharing Desi’s bio for you guys to enjoy!

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Choosing is a bad idea, because Desi always makes the wrong one, and sometimes there are no do-overs. Certainly not this time, when all has been lost and Desi can’t even save herself, let alone her friends. For Desi, the hardest thing is letting someone help her, to accept their sacrifice on her behalf. But that’s exactly what she’ll have to do in order to save the worlds from Helena’s destruction.

The goddess of Helheimer, long imprisoned by Desi’s father, Loki, is free at last, and she’s bent on reclaiming what once was hers. The nine worlds will be drawn into war, over Hell, over Earth, with innocent humans meaningless collateral. While Michael and the Gardians of Asgard, along with the golden-armored Valkyrie lead the battle for freedom, it’s Desi who holds the destiny of all the worlds in her hands.

Can she set aside her doubts, once and for all, and claim the gifts that are hers to bear? Can she accept the sacrifice that is made for her and Become all that she was created to be?

Her final choice will define not only her future, but the fate of humankind, forever more.

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Destined (Desolation #3) by Ali Cross
Publication Date:  December 12, 2012
Publisher:  Novel Ninjutsu

Available for Purchase:


Top Favs with Ali Cross

You’re home alone, there’s a fire! Top 3 things you’d grab and save from the fire.
Assuming my boys and husband are out (because there are three of them, so if they’re included, then that would be my three!), I’d grab my dog (a yorkie, named Rocky), my cat (Fred, even though she’s a girl), and the necklace my mom had made for me just before she passed away.

Top 3 Favorite authors (dead or alive) and why:


Guy Gavriel Kay because he writes poetry in the guise of prose. He’s the author who inspired me to become a writer.
Anne McCaffrey because she wrote stories that showed me my own power, and because she told me (when I met her!) that I should never let anything stand in the way of my dreams. That turned out to be great advice!
My current favorite authors rotate around based on what I’ve most recently read and loved, so at the moment, my favorite is Lisa Nowak because her book Dead Heat blew my mind, exploded my heart wide open and then stitched it back up again better than before.


Top 3 Favorite snacks while writing and why:


Ugh. I should not have favorite writing snacks! I shouldn’t have writing snacks at all! But, since we all know I’d be a big fat liar if I pretended I didn’t have a favorite, I might as well fess up.
Hershy’s Air Kisses (because I like the way they melt in my mouth), Mike & Ikes (because I like treats that keep my mouth busy and I dig the fruity flavors) and Sour Patch Kids (at the moment, sometimes I don’t like them)(for pretty much the same reasons as the Mike & Ikes).


Top 3 Favorite books that inspired you to write and why:


Easy! The Summer Tree, The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay. I don’t remember ever consciously thinking I wanted to be a writer, but when my husband and I were talking about bucket lists I said that I’d love to write a book and that if I did, I’d want to write something as beautiful as The Fionavar Tapestry (the name of the series). The Tapestry reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart. It is so profoundly beautiful . . . I can’t even express the many ways this series has touched me and inspired me.


Top 3 favorite songs to listen to while writing and why:
(Click the titles for YouTube links)

LOL, you’re going to think I’m crazy. I like to write to techno music because it helps me write FAST and somehow manages to cut me off from the outside world and create this bubble in which I can create. My faves are “Dota” by Basshunter, “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada and any techno version of Pachelbel’s Canon.

Dude!  I love every single one of these songs!  I’m a huge techno junkie :D


Top 3 favorite techniques to overcome writers block and why:


Write anyway! I have literally written blah blah blah, or, “and then something happens I don’t know what but it should be really awesome . . .” until the real words decide to show up. Usually it’s not too long.
Go to the movies! I love being immersed in a story and movies give me the best bang for my buck (or rather, time—they’re the fastest cure for me).
Read a good book! I love to read something awesome outside my own genre for a great kick in the pants. My favorite authors to do this for me are Devon Monk (The Ally Beckstrom Novels) Lisa Nowak, Jodi Picoult and Sheralyn Pratt.


Top 3 musicians/bands/groups and why:


The Killers, because I love pretty much everything they do.
Natasha Bedingfield, because she has the most amazing voice and rocks my world.
And at the moment, Imagine Dragons because their instrumentation and storytelling is visceral and awesome.


Top 3 favorite movies of all time and why:


Another easy one!
The Fifth Element. This is my favorite movie-to-get-me-out-of-a-slump. I love the witty writing and fast pace, the action, the heart-tugging, the soundtrack. Best movie ever.
Ever After is my favorite version of Cinderella. I love almost everything Drew Barrymore does.
At the moment, Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes movies. Love them for their wit and grit and I love Jude Law and Downey!


Top 3 favorite animated movies and why:


Beauty and the Beast because Belle is my favorite Disney princess and I love the character arc for the Beast and how he overcomes his dark side out of love for another.
Cinderella because I love it when the mice sing!
All the Ice Age movies because they’re just so dang funny and awesome!


Top 3 favorite gadgets and why:


My iPhone. I love how slim and small it is in my hand (I can actually text one-handed if I have to!), love the apps, the speed . . . just . . . LOVE!
My headphones (do they count as a gadget?) because they’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time and help me live in my writing bubble.
My car stereo because it connects with my iPhone and lets me listen to my own music plus talk on the phone without having to hold it. Love that!


Top 3 favorite dream destinations and why:


Scotland because that’s where my mom’s parents were from and I’d like to walk where they walked, feel the memories in the earth.
Ireland because that’s where my dad’s grandparents were from and for the same reasons as Scotland!
A remote, private island in the south pacific because I’m too fat and shy to be seen on the beach at one of those popular beachside vacation spots, but oh how I’d love to just chill in the sand and feel the tide wash over my toes!



Desolation (DESI) Black

Ageless, but she looks like she’s sixteen.
Favorite clothes: Black T-shirts, jeans, black converse sneakers or doc marten combat boots.
Favorite weapon: The bo staff.
Favorite drink: Dark, strong coffee.
Favorite food: Pizza.
Favorite treat: Dark, rich chocolate.

Desi loves Depeche Mode and AC/DC, driving with the top down (and letting the wind rip at her hair and tear the tears from her eyes) and being alone. Hanging out with people is Desi’s idea of torture because given enough time and opportunity (like, five minutes) she’s bound to screw it up. Whatever “it” is.

What surprises Desi is how much she can care about people, despite her general aversion to getting to know them. What surprises her even more, is that people could come to care about her. And “love”? Never in a million years did she think anyone could or would love her—let alone several someones.

Desi spent an eternity focused on one mission: Refuse to be her father’s puppet. But one week on Earth and she discovers a new mission—protecting the people she’s come to know. The people she’s come to love.

About the Author:

Ali Cross is the sensei of the Writer’s Dojo where she holds a black belt in awesome. She lives in Utah with her kickin’ husband, two sparring sons, one ninja cat, two sumo dogs and four zen turtles.

Connect with the Author:  Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads


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  5. ali cross

    Hi Maryann! Thank you so much for hosting me today AND putting together such an awesome post! You really knocked it out of the park and I’m so grateful!

    And you love techno!!?? I can’t believe I’ve finally met someone who’s even heard of Basshunter, lol! *love!*

    Thank you thank you!

  6. Chapter by Chapter

    Techno brings be back to my youth! The club hopping days lolol Basshunter will forever remind me of my hubby. Glad you liked the post!

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    Amazing post! I love Ali’s favorites and her covers.

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    Sherlock Holmes! That’s why you’re so cool, Ali.

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