May 8, 2013

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Praise for Code of Silence: ‘Deliberate, plausible, and gritty whodunit.’ –Booklist Starred Review Taken! A detour through the park leads Cooper, Gordy, Hiro, and Lunk straight into a trap, and Gordy is abducted! For the kidnapper, it’s all a game, a way to settle an old score, with no one getting hurt. But evil has a way of escalating, and once his identity is discovered, the rules change. Despite the best of police efforts, the hours tick by without a clue or a ransom call, leaving everyone to their own fears. Gordy is gone. Cooper descends deeper into a living nightmare, imagining the worst for his best friend and cousin. Hours stretch into days, and talks of a memorial service begin to surface. But Cooper still feels his cousin is alive and develops a reckless plan, changing all the rules. Now the one who set out to rescue his friend needs to be rescued himself. Sometimes rescuing a friend from darkness means going in after them.

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Publication Date:  March 19, 2013
Publisher:  Zonderkidz

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Cooper tried to soften his tone. “Quit if you want to, but I’m still in.”

“Quit?” Hiro’s back stiffened. “I’ve gone along with all your crazy ideas. And it’s over. We’re done.”

You’re done.” Cooper shook his head. “Not me.”

 Lunk looked up but didn’t say a word. Like he knew he shouldn’t.

“You’re right,” Hiro said. “I’m done. And you’re saying you’re not? What else is left to check? We’ve canvassed the neighborhood with flyers. We’ve searched parking lots. We’ve checked every registered sex offender in town. We’ve checked Joseph Stein’s.” The words flew out of her mouth.

Hiro took a step closer. “And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve slowed down the police investigation by making them raid VanHorton’s house and chase us all over Rolling Meadows. Am I missing something?”

“Yes.” Cooper almost shouted it. “We all are.” He turned to the bird’s eye view of Rolling Meadows. “We’re all missing something.”

“And what would that be?”

“I don’t know.” Cooper traced the minivan’s escape route down School Drive. “You’re the one who wants to be a cop, Hiro. You tell me. What are we missing here? What haven’t we checked?”

Hiro pointed at the pages taped together like giant map. “We’ve checked everything we possibly can.” She glanced at him. “And more.”

Cooper wanted to scream. He wanted to escape. Hop on his bike and ride and ride and ride until he couldn’t ride anymore. But there was no escaping from himself. Maybe she was right. They had broken rules. Crossed some boundaries. But he was still glad they’d checked. His only regret was that they still hadn’t found Gordy.

What to do next?  That was the question. Cooper peered at the map again.

“Stop beating yourself up.” She put her hand on his arm. Like she was trying to calm him down or something. “You couldn’t have stopped that abduction.”

Cooper swallowed. He knew where this was going.

“For your own sake,” Hiro said. “You need to stop.”

No. No. That was wrong. He needed to get some air. “I gotta let Fudge out,” Cooper said. It was lame, and he knew it. But he had to get out of there. Hiro had already made him promise not to ask her to do any more. Now she was going to try to make him promise not to do any more searching himself.

It was one thing for her to feel she was done checking. That was her choice. It was another thing for her to tell him to stop. That was his choice.

About the Author:




Happily married for more than thirty years to Cheryl, the love of my life.

Dad to three grown sons and two daughter-in-laws

Elder Chairman in my church and high school small group leader

Full time speaker and author since 2004

Living in the greater Chicago area

Grateful for God’s incredible grace and mercy to me in countless ways.

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