February 6, 2012

Bewitching Book Tours: E Van Lowe Valentine Giveaway Tour

Fall in Love with the Falling Angels Series
Valentine’s Giveaway
E Van Lowe is giving away a signed set of his books:
 Never Slow Dance With A Zombie,
Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel
Along with a fun Valentine theme YA Gift Basket containing:
 aplush puppy, a heart mug, an ARC of Wintertow by Stephen Emond, devil socks,devil and angel duckies, RockStar Sweethearts, Red Hots Lip Balm, Bath and BodyWorks pocket bac, and travel size Pink Chiffon lotion, pencils and a BewitchingBook Tours bookmark!
Fill out the form which can be found at the end of this post!  The winner will be
announced on Valentines Day! (awwww <3)
Today, we have E Van Lowe sharing with us what tunes Satan listen’s to, to get his “rock on”!
Satan’s Playlist
E Van Lowe:
I am often asked if I have playlists for the books I write, which got me thinking. One of the key

characters in my new novel, Boyfriend from Hellis Satan himself. What music do you suppose would be burnin’ up Satan’s ipod? I thought I’d have a little fun with it. Here is my take on Satan’s Playlist:

I believe Satan has to be a serious rocker, so I am certain Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf would be high

up on his list; along with Hotel California by The Eagles. He’d round out his rock list with a little metal: Hells Bells by AC/DC, and what devil doesn’t listen to The Rolling Stones: It Must Be Hell, along with another Stone’s hit, Sympathy for The Devil. Yeah, I bet Satan really loves that one.

When Satan is in the mood for classic Rock & Roll you know he’s banging The Devil With The Blue Dress On, by Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels. When he’s in a somber mood he’ll pop on Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. On those disco days when Satan’s gotta get his hustle on, you know he’s listening to Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno by The Tramps. Rounding out his mix he’s got to have something by The Boss, I’m On Fire and, of course, The King, Devil in Disguise.
Those, in no particular order, are my top 10 songs on Satan’s Playlist. I’d love to hear what songs you

think he’d listen to.

You can check out both Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel on my website http://evanlowe.com/.

There’s even a free sample of Boyfriend From Hellon the home page so you can try it before you but it.

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Boyfriend from Hell
By E Van Lowe
Genre: Paranormal YA
Book 1

Aww, Hell No!

Fifteen year-old Megan Barnett and her single mom, Suze, have a special relationship—they are friends, close friends, who do almost everything together.

“But come on, guys, she’s my mother… Can I really tell her that while we’re snuggled up on the sofa watching Spider Man Three, I’m secretly undressing James Franco with my eyes? Of course not…”

The special bond takes a turn for the worse when Suze decides to start dating again. She hasn’t had a man in her life since Megan’s father left ten years ago.

Enter two mysterious young men, Megan’s new classmate, sinfully attractive bad boy, Guy Matson, and the dangerously handsome art dealer, Armando. Before long Megan and Suze both wind up in steamy relationships. But neither of the handsome guys is quite what he seems. In fact, one of them is Satan, with his sights set on a new bride. Megan has precious little time to figure out how to stop him. If she doesn’t, either Megan or Suze are quite literally going to HELL.

Boyfriend From Hell is the first book in the Falling Angels Saga from the author of the gruesomely hilarious, Never Slow Dance With A Zombie

Earth Angel
By E Van Lowe
Genre: Paranormal YA
Book 2
Heaven Can Wait!
Just because Megan Barnett recently defeated Satan, has a fantastic new best friend, and has won the love of deliciously handsome, Guy Matson, doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize it, but in her possession is a powerful weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels and demons and everything in between. They will do ANYTHING to get it.
In E. Van Lowe’s humorous, romantic and thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan winds up in a gripping life or death battle to save herself, the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil.
Megan Barnett has recently defeated Satan, found a fantastic new best friend, and has won the heart of deliciously handsome, Guy Matson. But that doesn’t mean her troubles are over. Far from it. For Megan doesn’t realize that she is in possession of a powerful paranormal weapon, a weapon sought after by both angels, demons and everything in between.
In E. Van Lowe’s romantic yet thrilling sequel to Boyfriend From Hell, Megan finds herself in a gripping life or death battle to save the boy she loves, and all of mankind from unthinkable evil.
On the night of her middle school graduation, Margot Jean Johnson wrote a high school manifesto detailing her goals for what she was sure would be a most excellent high school career. She and her best friend, Sybil, would be popular and, most important, have boyfriends. Three years later they haven’t accomplished a thing!
Then Margot and Sybil arrive at school one day to find that most of the student body has been turned into flesh-eating zombies. When kooky principal Taft asks the girls to coexist with the zombies until the end of the semester, they realize this could be the perfect opportunity to live out their high school dreams. Now all they have to do is stay alive…

Complete the form attached to enter for a chance to win:

Never Slow Dance With A Zombie,
Boyfriend From Hell and Earth Angel
Along with a fun Valentine theme YA Gift Basket
The giveaway is open to US Shipping!
Click here to fill out the FORM! Good Luck!


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