February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine … Jack Force

My Ultimate Valentine would have to be with my Ultimate book boyfriend…
Jack Force!  Here’s why…

Jack Force, Blue Blood (vampire) a.k.a. the dark angel Abaddon is dangerous, sweet and just about everything you should want in a guy… minus the part where he was once in love with his sister. He has those fierce and hooded green eyes (or at least, I imagine them this way) that can look straight through you and see into your soul and he has perfectly tousled platinum hair. *Sigh* Have I forgotten the part where he’s a vampire? I have no idea why boys that bite are so attractive, but on Jack Force it works, you get an angel and a vampire in one package. Plus he’s a really quiet and observant person which gives him an aura of mystery. Not to mention that he’s also so willing to do whatever it takes for him to protect the girl he loves, no matter what might happen to him.

So what would happen if Jack and I were to go out on a date? Besides me having a heart attack? Well let me tell you…

Jack had just picked me up from my house for our “surprise” date tonight. Secretly I knew that it would be absolutely perfect and everything I wanted and more. The radio was blasting love songs (what with it almost being Valentine’s Day) and I could see Jack looking at me in the corners of his green eyes. After a drive with idle small talk, we ended up at the top of a hill that overlooked the beautiful city of New York, and at the very top of said hill Jack had gotten a romantic candlelit dinner set up for us both.

He pulled out my chair like a perfect gentlemen and waiters (who he must have hired personally to bring plates to our table all the way at the top of that one hill) placed our food in front of us. While we ate Jack began telling me things about himself that nobody else should know. About how he was a Blue Blood and about how his sister Mimi would try and kill me if she knew about the two of us being together.

To finally convince me, Jack asked me if I wanted to see a trick. Like any girl who just wanted to impress her crush, I, of course said yes and right before my eyes Jack changed into his form as Abaddon and took me on a flight through the night sky, with me wrapped in his arms. We flew to the very top of the statue of liberty where he held me, keeping me safe from falling to my utter demise. After that… I took a flight home where I received an unexpected kiss goodnight.

“I love her because she has become something more to me. She has become my life.” –Jack Force.

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  1. The Lovely Getaway

    LOVE Jack Force…. easily one of my top 5 book boyfriends :)

  2. Chapter by Chapter

    @The Lovely Getaway

    He is soooo perfect!

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