About Us

Chapter by Chapter is a Young Adult book review blog created by me (MaryAnn) and my daughter (Gabby).  We decided to start this blog in hopes of helping spread buzz on books we love and or hate, but that we enjoy together. What you’ll generally find are reviews  on Young Adult books from two different reviewers. . . an adult perspective or the younger generation.  At times, you may even find a dual review on a particular book that we both enjoyed.  Our hope with this joint venture is to bring families closer together with the power of a book. We are not professional book reviewers, and we do not get paid to review the books in our blog. We do this simply because we love to read. The books are from our own collection, unless otherwise specified. Book reviews are also posted on various other sites such as Goodreads, and Amazon.  And now, a little ditty about us. . .


  I’ve always been an avid reader. Even in my younger school days, I would sneak any opportunity to read a chapter under my desk, even though I got caught every time, and spent the remainder of the class with my head on my desk. Even now, replace the school desk with a work desk, and I still do what I love…read (minus the head on the desk for getting in trouble and more like taking a cat nap from staying up late the night before reading). I’m known by my friends as the “walking bookstore”. I’m used to being asked if I’ve read a certain book and if I would recommend it to them. They also ask for books I would recommend to them. I’ve never introduced them to a book they’ve hated, but I have introduced them to worlds in books they adore… which was my reason for starting this blog. I wanted to share my love/hate relationship with books with as many people as I can, outside my circle. – MaryAnn



I wasn’t always into reading. No really, I used to despise it to the point where in grade 4 (during silent reading) I would stare at the same two pages of a novel for about an hour, watching the clock occasionally to see when it would be time to start doing science or creative writing. It wasn’t until two years later that I became obsessed with reading, obviously it had to be Twilight that got me interested in reading. I finished all four novels (have you noticed how thick and long they are?) in just ten days. Suddenly I was stuck with reading, of course I was stuck on the vampire genre for most of that year, it was like some sort of thirst(pun intended) that had to be quenched with words. It would take me usually 48 hours to finish a novel that was around 300 or so pages. My friends tell me that I’m some sort of bookworm mutant (because of how fast I can read). In the past year I’ve read more than 50 novels and counting, though surprisingly reading is not my most common past time. Writing is, and in short form I became interested in writing because I thought writing a story would get me out of doing a project. If your wondering how that all turned out… well what I hoped would happen didn’t. Since my teenage friends are always so interested in finding a YA book that is going to end up making them swoon, entice them or just to enter a good book. I’m the first person they go to. I’m yet to give them a book that they didn’t love, or ask me why they can’t find any boys like the ones in the story (*cough* Patch from Hush, Hush. *cough*). I’ have high hopes to share what I gather from novels with others on this blog. Xoxo – Gabrielle